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Sinus Lift Surgery

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Sinus Lift Surgery

A sinus lift can prepare the area for the insertion of dental implants. This is especially good news for patients who have previously been told they are not a good candidate for dental implants.

A sinus lift is a bone grafting procedure that can create the preferred five-millimeter bone needed to install a dental implant. This is achieved by moving the sinus membrane upward and fitting additional bone between the upper jaw and maxillary sinuses.

In addition, the sinus lift procedure provides more bone for individuals whose teeth have been missing for long periods of time and the bone has resorbed as a result.

Members of the public who have undergone previous tooth extractions could also benefit from the procedure. Bone loss as a result of tooth extraction can be as much as 40 to 60 percent within the first three years. This causes problems for dental implant surgery.

What does the procedure entail

Patients planning to undergo the Sinus lift procedure will receive an X-ray in preparation to ensure the dentist can thoroughly study their jaw bone and sinus anatomy. In addition, patients will usually undergo a cone beam CT scan. This allows the measurement of the current bone, as well as to assess the overall health of the sinus.

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During the surgery, an incision into the cheek side of the upper jaw will be made. As a result, the dentist will have increased access to the patient’s jawbone that lies under the flap of gum. Rest assured that all incisions are on the inside of the mouth. Therefore, there will be no scarring.

The exposed bone will then be cut carefully to access the sinus membrane. The membrane is then lifted to a higher level, which allows the new space to be packed with bone graft material for the fixture of a dental implant.

A number of different bone-graft materials can be utilised in sinus lift surgery. Most practitioners will choose to use bone taken from other areas of the mouth. Alternatively, your practitioner may choose to remove it from the hip or tibia or use an alternative bone source.

After the procedure

Following the dental surgery, patients commonly experience swelling in the sinus area. As well as bleeding in the mouth. It is important that patients refrain from blowing their nose until the area has healed. Keeping the nose moist with a nasal spray will help to prevent sneezing. Also one should avoid exercise after sinus lift surgery.

The oral surgeon will request a follow-up appointment after two weeks to remove stitches and assess the healing progress.book dental appointment

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