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Black Tooth Treatment

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Black Tooth Treatment

Black Tooth Treatment

When a tooth turns black it can be extremely distressing for the individual. Especially if this tooth is visible when you talk and smile. Often, this can cause people to lose confidence and feel self-conscious.

Why does a tooth go black?

A tooth turning black is a common side effect of having root canal treatment. The by-products of root canal filling materials are released into the tooth which can cause the tooth to discolour.

Black tooth Treatment Options

  • Internal Whitening – Often with a black tooth, the problem is on the inside rather than the outside. This is why traditional external teeth whitening is ineffective because it only bleaches the enamel on the tooth’s outside surface. Internal whitening is applied to the inside of the discoloured tooth to rectify the problem and whiten the tooth. Internal whitening does not require any tooth reduction.
  • Composite Bonding – This material is sculpted onto the tooth’s surface to cover up any discolouration or imperfections. Composite bonding can also change the shape of the tooth if needed.
  • Dental Veneer or Crown – If the structure of the tooth has been badly affected by decay or other dental treatments then a dental veneer or crown could be the ideal solution to hide the discolouration. A dental crown fits over the whole tooth to encase and protect it. This option will restore the colour of the tooth as well as protect it from fracture.


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0% Dental Finance Plans

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