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Snap-on Smile

Snap-on Smile

snap-on smile

Snap-On Smile is a revolutionary cosmetic dental appliance that requires no cutting down of tooth tissue, no dental injections, and no bonding to tooth tissue. Its exclusive design is flexible, very strong, and snaps right over your own natural teeth.

Snap-on Smile stays on your teeth by engaging the undercuts around your teeth, so the Snap-on Smile does not impinge on your gum tissue nor does it cover the roof of your mouth, making it look and feel very natural.  Snap-On Smile is easily removable, completely reversible and is an excellent option for patients looking for a non-invasive, temporary and affordable approach to cosmetic dentistry.

Snap-On Smile is much more than a beautiful set of pearly white teeth. This revolutionary appliance is the ideal solution for solving a wide variety of short- and long-term clinical challenges, as it serves as both a non-invasive cosmetic option as well as a chance for patients to see how their teeth could look with veneers before having any porcelain veneers done.

Snap-on Smile applications include using Snap-On Smile as an aesthetic temporary solution such as when you wish to improve your smile for your Wedding day smile but dont have the time to have full permanent dental veneer treatment or as a long-term smile enhancement. Snap-On Smile can last for years and yet is affordable enough to act as a temporary.


Snap-on Smile FAQ

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a comfortable, removable dental appliance that involves no drilling, filing down of existing tooth structure, injections, cementation nor adhesives.  Its patented design is flexible, incredibly strong, and functional. The slightly flexible material (acetyl resin) used in the fabrication of Snap-On Smile  allows it to expand over the teeth and hug them tightly so the patient can eat and speak without the appliance coming loose or shifting.

Snap-On Smile  does not impinge on the gum tissue nor cover the palate, as its retention is completely tooth-borne.  Snap-On Smile  is non-invasive and easily removable, making it completely reversible.

Snap-on Smile

Of what kind of material is it made?

Snap-On Smile  is made of a crystallized acetyl resin, which makes it more durable and stain resistant, as opposed to acrylic. This material also allows the Snap-On Smile®  appliance to be as thin as .5mm without compromising its strength. It is the only appliance that can be fabricated with varying thicknesses to afford a more natural contour and look. The non-toxic material is also used in heart valve replacements and other minor applications in dentistry.  In fact, NASA uses it in craft cabinetry for its durability.  Snap-On Smile  is durable, resists stains from cigarettes, wine and coffee, and allows patients to eat while wearing it. It is very strong and polishes beautifully.

Does Snap-On Smile® come in different shades like crowns and dentures do?  Can it be customized?
The dentist and patient can choose from several tooth shades and smile shapes, providing an array of choices for this custom fitted appliance. It can be made to cover a quadrant, or full upper and/or lower arches to fit almost any patient’s needs. Upper and lower appliances can be worn simultaneously.

Who is a candidate for Snap-On Smile?

Patients looking for a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to permanent restorative and cosmetic dentistry are excellent candidates for Snap-On Smile.  It’s an easy, quick and affordable solution for patients who want to quickly feel better, look better, and function better.

For many patients, Snap-On Smile  gives them options they never had before. It is a great solution for patients who are unable to receive permanent improvements, such as porcelain veneers because they are medically compromised, or wish to avoid the higher costs involved with veneers, their age precludes them from extensive treatments, or they are simply afraid to have extensive dental work done. Older patients with medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease may not be candidates for implants or bridges. Snap-On Smile  can alleviate dental issues and help these patients achieve a more pleasing smile in the interim or long-term.  In some cases of periodontal disease it can be used as a temporary splint for mobile teeth while the patient undergoes treatment. Patients going through implant surgery can use it as a temporary retainer.  With Snap-On Smile®, patients can easily maintain excellent oral hygiene.  Snap-On Smile  is also ideal for those patients considering a more permanent restoration like veneers, as the appliance allows them to preview their new smile. Snap-On Smile is an ideal solution for patients looking for a temporary solution to the problem of gummy smile.

How do I get a Snap-On Smile?

We will take photos and impressions of your teeth.  You choose from different smile shapes and shades for your Snap-On Smile®.  In about four weeks, the exclusive lab at Snap-On Smile will create and send us your new appliance for final insertion.  Snap it in and wear it home.

What is the turnaround time for a custom-made Snap-On Smile®  appliance?

The custom-made Snap-On Smile  will be delivered to our clinic within 28 days.

What is a Snap-On Smile® Care Kit?

Snap-On Smile® Care Kit is a line of care products for cleaning and maintaining the Snap-On Smile®  appliance:


This solution removes all superficial stains including coffee, tea, plaque and calculus build up.  To use, pour half a capful of powder into a half cup of cool water.  The water should cover the appliance.  Soak appliance in the mixture for 15 minutes. Then remove the appliance and rinse thoroughly under running water. If there is remaining residue, brush the inside of the appliance lightly with a soft toothbrush and water.  For best results, use the Snap-On Smile®  Cleaning Powder daily.


Use this easy-to-apply gel every day to help prevent tooth decay and freshen breath.  Apply a small bead of gel into the individual tooth compartments of your Snap-On Smile® appliance before inserting into mouth.  For best results, apply after each meal.


The carry/storage case is a compact container with a built-in mirror for transporting or storing the appliance when it is not being worn.

How and with what do you clean the Snap-On Smile?

Always remove the appliance using both hands, gently rocking it side to side, and never squeeze or flex the appliance.  Remove and rinse the appliance after meals. Then use Snap-On Smile®  Anti-Bacterial Gel to help prevent tooth decay and freshen breath.  Apply a small bead of gel into the individual tooth compartments of your Snap-On Smile®  appliance before re-inserting into mouth.

Gently brush the inner parts of the appliance twice a day using a soft toothbrush.  Do not use regular toothpaste as it can dull the finish.  Use plain water instead. To remove superficial stains including coffee, tea, plaque and calculus build up, use the Snap-On Smile®  Cleaning Powder daily.  To use, pour half a capful of powder into a half cup of cool water.  The water should cover the appliance.  Soak appliance in the mixture for 15 minutes. Then remove the appliance and rinse thoroughly under running water. If there is remaining residue, brush the inside of the appliance lightly with a soft toothbrush and water.  Always store your appliance in the Snap-On Smile®  carrying case to protect it when not in use.

Are any foods off limits while wearing a Snap-On Smile?

Patients are not limited to what they can eat and drink with their Snap-On Smile. However, we recommend starting with a softer diet and working up to harder foods.

Is speech affected?

Speech can be affected for the first several hours of wear, though this varies by patient. The instructions that come with a custom-made Snap-On Smile  include a list of verbal exercises to help speed up the patient’s acclimation process.

How long is a Snap-On Smile®  appliance expected to last?

The Snap-On Smile®  appliance is expected to last about 12 months and possibly longer with proper care, the same length of time as other removable appliances such as partial dentures, bruxism guards or night guards.

Can you sleep with a Snap-On Smile?

For normal dentition, we do not recommend sleeping with the Snap-On Smile  in place.  However, one of the indications for Snap-On Smile is that it can be used as a bruxism guard so a patient with permanent restorations like veneers can protect them during sleep with the Snap-On Smile. Your dentist will determine if this is right for you.

Will the Snap-On Smile look bulky compared to the natural teeth?

No.  Snap-On Smile is the only appliance that can be fabricated with varying thicknesses to afford a more natural contour and look.  As with veneers or a partial denture, in some cases the teeth may feel bulky but they will look natural. Snap-On Smile  is made of a crystallized acetyl resin, which allows it to be made as thin as .5 mm without compromising strength.

What is the range of thickness for the appliance?

The Snap-On Smile  can be made as thin as .5mm and as thick as 1 mm or more.

How does the Snap-On Smile  attach in the mouth?

The appliance literally snaps over and holds on to a patient’s natural teeth using the natural curvature of the teeth to hold it firmly in place.

Can you wear the Snap-On Smile everyday? Will it break?

It can be worn every day, all day.  We suggest that the patient remove and clean the appliance before going to bed unless the dental professional advises the patient to wear it while sleeping as a bruxism guard.

Proper care is required just like any other dental appliance. The specially formulated resin makes it long lasting, but it will break if enough force is placed on the appliance.  We instruct patients to insert and remove the Snap-On Smile® appliance using both hands to avoid any unnecessary twisting or bending of the appliance.

Is the Snap-On Smile  heat tolerant?

Yes, Snap-On Smile  can tolerate heat up to 200° C.

Does Snap-On Smile  maintain its colour?

Yes it maintains its colour. Snap-On Smile  is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic and is made out of a non-porous material that prevents stains from adhering to it. The crystallized resin which is used in the fabrication of the appliance does not absorb food debris, bacteria, or become discolored.  It is durable, resists stains from cigarettes, wine and coffee as well, and allows patients to eat while wearing it.


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