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Emergency Dental Kits

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Emergency Dental Kits

emergency dental kits

In a dental emergency you should schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist ASAP. In the meantime for temporary relief, you could use an emergency dental kit.

When can I use a emergency dental kit?

The equipment in a dental repair kit is not intended to provide a long-term solution to a dental problem. Most of the materials featured in these kits are of a lower quality than those used by a dentist. Furthermore, they will only stay in place for a short period of time. An emergency dental kit may be useful in the following situations:


Clove oil and cotton wool can be found in some emergency dental kits. Eugenol, an ingredient found in the oily substance, is a powerful and natural painkiller, which should provide relief when a patient bites down.

Lost filling 

Losing a filling can cause the tooth to become extremely sensitive to hot and cold stimuli. Emergency dental kits will usually contain a temporary dental cement to cover up the cavity in the short term.

Bleeding soft tissues

Emergency dental kits often contain sterile gauze which can be used to stop bleeding from oral soft tissues by applying pressure to them.

Dental floss

Floss can help remove trapped food and objects from in between teeth.

Antiseptic mouthwash

Mouthwash can be useful in gum infections to reduce the number of bacteria present in the mouth a little.

Local Anaesthetic gel 

Local anaesthetic gel can sooth teething pain in young children as well as providing relief for adults who have ulcers. Denture wearers may use local anaesthetic gel to provide relief when their dentures do not fit correctly.

Why do I need to visit a dentist?

While many of these solutions may feel like they have resolved dental health issues, they are in fact only a temporary solution. With dental emergencies, you should schedule an appointment to see an emergency dentist urgently.

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