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Patchy Teeth Treatments

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Patchy Teeth TreatmentsYellow or white patches on the teeth can look unsightly. They can also cause issues with confidence. Most often these markings are superficial and nothing to worry about, however, for the patient they can ruin the look of their smile. These patches that form in the teeth can be caused by overexposure to fluoride as a child, enamel hypoplasia (which has various causes, hereditary or environmental), an acidic diet, or poor dental hygiene. Here at Pearl, we offer a range of treatments to tackle this issue safely and painlessly.

Patchy Teeth Treatments

Before any treatment can commence the patient will need to book in for a consultation. All cosmetic treatments come with FREE consultations.


Microabrasion involves using mechanical equipment to blast away the patches that have formed in the enamel. Even though this treatment sounds painful, it is not. This is often an effective treatment, however, with some stubborn patches it may require something to cover it rather than removing it.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can be sculpted onto the teeth to cover these unsightly patches if microabrasion is not deemed successful.

Dental Veneers

As an alternative to composite bonding, a dental veneer could be fitted. Veneers are a custom-made sheath of porcelain or ceramic. Dental veneers are very popular with celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise, and Morgan Freeman.


If you would like to find out more about our patchy teeth treatments then you can book a FREE cosmetic consultation by calling our reception team on 020 8003 5233. As well as microabrasion, composite bonding, and dental veneers we also offer other cosmetic dentistry treatments. We look forward to hearing from you very soon, here at Pearl Dental Clinic.

Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book a FREE cosmetic consultation by calling us on 020 8003 5233 or emailing us or booking an appointment online.

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