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Broken Braces

Emergency Dentistry

Broken braces

Braces can be easy to lose, can become damaged, or can come loose from their fixed position. This can mean they are not working as effectively as they should be. Issues with broken braces mean they are not effectively moving the teeth. Therefore, it is vital to book an appointment with an orthodontist as soon as possible.

Individuals who fail to seek treatment for an ill-fitting or broken brace could end up wearing the braces for a longer period as a result.

What problems can occur with broken braces?

Many people are able to resolve the issue from the comfort of their own home.

  • Chewing certain types of food can cause the fixtures to become loose or break. The brace may need tightening or re-attaching.
  • Elastic bands can become loose and will need tightening.
  • Archwires that become dislodged or broken can stick out at an awkward angle. This protruding object can scratch or snag on the inside of the cheek, gums, or on the tongue. Patients may be able to push the wire back on themselves in some cases. However, if the region becomes painful and the wire cannot be moved, it is vital to see an emergency dentist. The emergency dentist can cut back the braces archiwire to stop it causing soft tissue trauma.
  • Clear aligners can be stepped on or crushed due to them not being stored correctly.

Easing discomfort

When the emergency dentist completes the initial installation, patients usually receive some dental wax to make them less painful to wear. The soft substance can be rubbed on to areas of the mouth that are feeling discomfort, which makes angles and spikes feel less abrasive.

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