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Patients who have suffered the loss of a tooth as a result of decay, infection or fracture could be interested in Simplant treatment, which uses sophisticated computer technology for more accurate dental implant placement.

Dental implants are generally used when a person loses their entire tooth – meaning the crown and the root. Previously patients used to be offered a removable denture or a dental bridge when a tooth was lost but now we can also offer dental implants. Dental implants provide a more natural-looking tooth replacement that feels more like a real tooth.

When would I choose a dental implant?

Dental implants are the most effective method of replacing a full tooth and improving the appearance of the smile. In addition, dental implants stop the onset of bone loss that takes place in the jaw when a tooth has been missing for a long period of time, which can result in a person looking older.

Dental implants are not bulky or loose like dentures or cause damage to neighbouring teeth as is the case with dental bridges. This makes dental implants the most ideal tooth replacement option available today.

What is Simplant?

Simplant is the most recent development in dentistry and is used as a method of planning the accurate placement of dental implants and stopping the process of jaw shrinkage caused as a result of tooth loss. At Pearl dental clinic we can use Simplant to install implants more accurately and safely.

What does the Simplant process entail?

Simplant treatment guarantees minimal trauma and disturbance to other areas of the mouth. Patients undergoing the treatment will first have a cone beam CT scan, which will then be transformed into a three-dimensional model of an individual’s jawbone. This creation will then be used to accurately plan the upcoming implant procedure.

Following this, a mock-up implant will be placed into the jaw model in a bid to avoid interference with vital structures such as nerves, blood vessels and sinuses to prevent increased pain and complications throughout the actual treatment using a custom surgical drill guide.

Use of Simplant custom surgical drill guides allows the implant to be placed directly into the patient’s mouth, which ensures the operation is carried out in a safer manner.

The Simplant process allows your Pearl Dental Clinic dentist to carry out extensive planning prior to the installation of the implant using detailed images of your jaw. This ensures the procedure is a much quicker and more pleasant experience for patients who may be worried about associated pain and complications.

In addition, the previously-created detailed analysis allows the dentist to establish how many implants will be needed, as well as the most effective direction to place them in and the maximum length they can be.

As part of the advanced technology, an implant can be installed into the computer mock-up, which allows the creation of the most ideal plan that supports the initial intentions for the procedure to be carried out.

Making decisions about the methods used during the treatment could provide piece of mind for patients worried about the potentially daunting surgical exercise.

When there are multiple missing teeth, using Simplant technology we are able to review suitable implant prosthetic plans for the installation of dentures, bridges and other methods of multiple dental implant restoration.

The increasing use of Simplant method comes after we found many limitations associated with the use of two-dimensional X-Rays, which were previously used to assess the ideal length and position of dental implants.

Helpful to both dentists and patients, the Simplant tool can be utilised to develop an in-depth plan of upcoming implant procedures to minimise operation times and possibility of any complications arising.

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