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Emergency Dental Kits

One of the most important factors for emergency dentistry patients to remember about resolving dental issues is the quicker they act when sustaining an injury or noticing a change in their mouth, the more likely they will be to find a solution.

Remember, individuals who have lost a tooth as a result of decay or a sporting injury should make an appointment with a practitioner as soon as possible, while making sure they keep their tooth so it can be reattached.

As an increasing number of people realise the benefits of seeking treatment as soon as possible, pharmacies and supermarkets have seen an influx to the selection of emergency dentistry kits they sell. These items can be purchased over the counter and contain a variety of treatments for use in a dental emergency.

The equipment will ensure patients are provided with the right care until they see an emergency dentist. It is vital for members of the public to be aware that the items found in an emergency dentistry kit are, by no means, a permanent solution.

Depending on the price and brand of an emergency dental kit, they are likely to contain different types of treatments. For example, less expensive versions may simply contain mouthwash and a substance to help repair a split tooth or lost filling, while a costly alternative could feature an array of materials including a dental mirror and other items to ensure procedures are made easier.

When can I use a emergency dental kit?

The equipment featured in a dental repair kit is not intended to provide a long-term solution to a problem in the mouth. Most of the materials featured in these are of a lower quality than those used by a dental professional and will only stay in place for a shorter period of time. This being said, the kits can be used for temporary treatment for a number of scenarios.

Toothache: This issue can be caused by cavities that are difficult to see and reach, therefore clove oil and cotton wool found in some emergency dental kits can be used to soothe the pain. Eugenol, an ingredient found in the oily substance, is a powerful and natural painkiller, which should provide relief when a patient bites down.

Losing a filling: While this is an extremely common occurrence among people of all ages, losing a filling can cause teeth to become extremely sensitive to hot and cold water. While some professionals recommend sticking sugar-free chewing gum into the cavity, some emergency dental kits will contain a temporary crown and dental cement that can be used to protect the tooth from damage until the patient sees their dentist.

Fracturing a tooth: When a tooth is weakened by decay it can split or crack, which can be extremely painful. The temporary crown and dental cement can also be used to provide a temporary solution for this problem, but emergency dental treatment should be sought as soon as possible.

Losing a tooth: In cases when a patient loses a tooth, the hole that is left can bleed extremely heavily. Cotton wool balls can be used in a bid to stall the blood flow, while pain-killing gel can soothe painful and inflamed gum tissue.

Breaking a denture: Emergency dental kits are particularly useful for older individuals who wear dentures due to their fragile and breakable nature. When dentures are damaged, which can be embarrassing for many people, items found in the kit can smooth the edges, while dental cement could temporarily repair the broken fixtures.

Can I benefit from an emergency dental kit?

While some of the items found in an emergency dental kit may be more suitable for individuals with particular types of oral health issues, an increasing number of people have realised the benefits of keeping one with them at all times. Parents may find it beneficial to keep hold of these items if their child is likely to suffer from toothache.

Individuals who are taking a trip to a rural location may also acknowledge the advantages of keeping an emergency dental kit with them, due to it being more difficult to get to a dentist if they are in an isolated place.

Additionally, people who take part in high-contact sports such as hockey or rugby may enjoy more peace of mind knowing a solution is close by if they encounter dental trauma on the field of play as injuries are more likely when taking part in this type of activity.

Can I make my own emergency dental kit?

It is possible to collect certain items that can be used to stem blood flow or cover cavities in events where such an incident can take place. Creating a personalised kit could be beneficial in catering for the specialised needs of every individual.

Some items to include:

Dental floss: Emergency dentists should ensure they floss regularly, in between meals if possible, so keeping dental floss with them at all times could encourage people to carry out this beneficial task.

Clove oil: Used primarily in dental care products such as toothpastes and mouthwash, clove oil contains pain killing substances that can provide relief for people suffering from toothache, inflamed gums and mouth ulcers. Additionally, the item – which is readily available in pharmacies and health shops – can keep breath feeling and smelling fresh.

Cotton wool: This item is a necessity for all emergency dental kits and is commonly used to stop blood flow when an individual has experienced dental trauma. It can also be utilised to relieve pain caused by a missing filling, with many people biting down on the item to create pressure and halt pain.

Antiseptic mouthwash: Shattered fillings and cuts inside the mouth can be cleaned using antiseptic mouthwash, with the liquid helping remove blood from a wound or wash away debris.

Pain killing gel: This product can be used for a number of different purposes including soothing teething pain in young children as well as providing relief for adults who have ulcers. Older individuals may use pain killing gel to provide relief when their dentures do not fit correctly.

Why do I need to visit a dentist?

While many of these solutions may feel like they have resolved any pre-existing dental health issues, they are only a temporary solution. Leaving these measures inside the mouth for too long could make the underlying problem even worse in the long run.

Therefore, individuals who have suffered a dental mishap should always ensure they book an appointment with their emergency dentist as quickly as possible as the teeth can deteriorate if left untreated.


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