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Emax Veneers

Pressed ceramic is used to make Emax veneers. Because of this, Emax is strong, durable, and very thin. One of the biggest advantages of Emax veneers is that they need minimal enamel shaving.  This avoids drilling the teeth into peg shapes.

As with any cosmetic procedure, patients should always ensure that the provider of the treatment has enough experience and artistic abilities to satisfy their requirements. One of the best ways to assess this is by viewing photographs of previous work and patient reviews. Our patients at Pearl Dental Clinic have the opportunity to view hundreds of Emax Veneers or other types of cosmetic work in our galleries and review the testimonials that we have received.

What are the different types of porcelain veneers?

In terms of materials, there are two types of veneers. These are ‘feldspathic’ porcelain veneers and pressed porcelain veneers. Feldspathic porcelain veneers are where a ceramist builds up the porcelain in layers and cures it at a high temperature to produce the final result. Usually this type of veneer is not as strong as pressed ceramics such as Lumineers. This is because it requires a higher thickness to give it the necessary strength, therefore, more drilling of the teeth is needed to give technicians the space they need. With pressed ceramic, the veneers are first made in wax and shaped and contoured to produce the chosen design and shape. The waxed veneers are casted and then the molten porcelain has pressure applied to produce the final veneer.

What are the Advantages of Emax veneers

  • Emax veneers can have thinner edges without chipping.
  • Minimal, or no preparation of the tooth enamel. The thinner the veneer, the less the preparation or drilling of the tooth is needed. This allows for a stronger bond between the tooth and veneer. This is because it is much more efficient to bond veneers to the enamel layer rather than the inner layers of the tooth.
  • Chameleon effect due to higher translucency.

What can Emax do?

  • Provide a beautiful white smile.
  • Cover misaligned, misshapen, discoloured, or chipped teeth.
  • Close gaps and spaces.

Procedure for fitting Emax veneers

Firstly, the teeth, the facial profile, and the occlusion of the teeth will be clinically assessed. Then, based on the findings, a design for the veneers is chosen. This is followed by a ‘trial smile’ which shows the chosen design in wax. At this stage, any tooth preparation that is needed will be shown to the patient. Seven to ten days later the veneers are cemented to the teeth.


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