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Emax Veneers

Emax veneers are pressed ceramic veneers and their high strength and durability make it possible to produce them in very thin layers allowing little or no preparation (drilling) of the teeth. This is one of the biggest advantages of Emax veneers, avoiding drilling the teeth to peg shapes as can be the case with more conventional porcelain veneers.

As with any cosmetic procedure, patients should always ensure that the provider of the treatment has enough experience and artistic abilities to satisfy their requirements. One of the best ways to assess this is by viewing photos of previous work done and patient reviews. Our patients at Pearl Dental Clinic have the opportunity to view hundreds of Emax Veneers or other types of cosmetic work done in our galleries and review the testimonials that we have received.

What are the different types of porcelain veneers?

There are many different types of porcelain veneers with different composition to allow slightly different properties. But in short, porcelain veneers, in terms of material, can be categorized into conventional ‘feldspathic’ porcelain veneers or pressed porcelain veneers such as Emax. Feldspathic porcelain veneer is where a ceramist, applying artistic skills, builds up the porcelain in layers and cures it in high temperatures to produce the final result. Usually this type of veneer is not as strong as pressed ceramics such as Lumineers. This is because it requires a higher thickness to give it the necessary strength, therefore more drilling of the teeth is needed to give technicians the space they need. But aesthetically they can produce magnificent results. With pressed ceramics, the veneers are first made in wax and shaped and contoured to produce the chosen design and shape. The waxed veneers are casted and then the molten porcelain is invested under pressure to produce the final veneer.

What are the Advantages of Emax veneers

  • Higher edge strength, Emax Veneers can be finished thinner without chipping (This is the edge of the veneers where they come into contact with other teeth, veneers or crowns).
  • As indicated earlier, minimal preparation or no preparation veneers with low viscosity of heat ingot enables pressing to a very thin dimension. Making them aesthetically pleasing.
  • The thinner the veneer, the less the preparation or drilling of the tooth, which makes the bond stronger between the tooth and veneer. This is because with minimal reshaping of the tooth, the cementation is with the enamel which is much more efficient than bonding with the inner layer of the tooth, the dentine, which becomes exposed when more of the tooth is removed and drilled off.
  • Chameleon effect due to higher translucency. Once Emax veneers are made then they are stained and glazed to produce final natural looking results. To enhance the aesthetic even further, the ‘step back technique’ is used whereby an extremely thin layer of the Emax veneer is shaved off and then very high strength feldspathic porcelain is added to allow more characterization build-up such as translucent tips. In this case however, these points have to be noted;
    • Firstly the strength of the feldspathic porcelain added to Emax core here is not the same as Emax and it is more likely to chip.
    • Secondly, a thicker veneer will be needed and therefore more tooth removal will be required.
    • Thirdly, these types of Emax veneers will cost more.

In what situations can Emax veneers be used?

  • Cosmetically, to improve the aesthetics and getting a white beautiful smile. In these cases usually the top eight to ten teeth are veneered in the aesthetic or smile zone (i.e. the teeth that are visible when smiling).
  • Crooked or misshapen teeth. If teeth are badly aligned or are not of correct morphology, this can be instantly improved by Emax veneers. However, the larger the misalignment the more tooth removal may be needed.
  • Space closure/diastemas or chipped teeth- Emax veneers are an ideal choice to close single or multiple spaces, when teeth are small and bulk needs to be added to make teeth more expressive and visible. They can also be used to correct and rectify the chipped teeth. Alternatively composite veneers can also be used to close gaps between teeth.
  • Discoloured teeth ; Not only can the shape and design of the teeth be changed and improved by Emax veneers, but also the discoloration of the teeth can be masked and covered with tetracycline staining. Teeth whitening can also be used to improve the shade of teeth.

Procedure for Emax veneers fit

As with any type of veneer, teeth, the facial profile and occlusion of the teeth (the way teeth come together and more over each other) have to be clinically assessed. Then, based on above assessment and findings, a design for the veneers are chosen from a possible list of different designs. This is followed by a ‘trial smile’ which is reproducing the chosen design on the model of teeth in wax. At this stage, any tooth removal/preparation if needed is assessed and shown to the patient. If the patient is happy with the trial smile, teeth are treated in line with the preparation guide and if necessary temporaries are placed. Seven to ten days later the veneers are cemented to the teeth by a bonding process which mostly involves resin based cements.


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Latest Patient Reviews

  • Pearl Dental Clinic


  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    The dentist was extremely patient, polite and professional. Very informative, helpful and understanding. The best experience I have had with a dentist.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    I find all the staff are friendly and aways greeted with a smile from reception. I see a number of dentist for different parts of my treatment and have always had a good experience with them all. This is my third private dentist I have been to and this is by far the best, not necceserly the cheapest but offers all the treatment I require so I'm very happy .

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    just a big thank you to you all.. had my dental work carried out yesterday and am so happy with the results!
    The dentist was brilliant and really helpful, offered alternatives to the treatment I originally thought I thought I needed (and cheaper, not ripping me off as other professionals would!) The whole service was very goo, questions and emails always answered and the online chat service was a big help too so thanks!
    Looks awesome and am VERY happy.. I would recommend to anyone considering cosmetic dental treatment!

    December 2011
  • Hi Team


    The restoration process is now over so just a quick one to say thank you to you all for taking care of me so well and a special thanks to Mohsen for his amazing job.
    I'm smiling again !!
    Best Regards

    March 2011
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Vahid, Thanks for an amazing job on my teeth. I love my new smile  :-)  Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. Thanks again.

    Dec 2010
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Great choice in coming here. I now feel confident in smiling again. I will definitely come back for future work. Thank you for the great service.

    September 2010
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Overall an excellent Dental service. Very good quality products. Treatment was well discussed prior to commencement. I am very happy with the results of my crowns and veneers. I would recommend this surgery.

    July 2010
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Since I last left Pearl Dental Clinic I have barely stopped smiling, something that I had never felt completely free to do for more than 29 years. My whole experience with Pearl and their friendly and professional staff from start to finish has been an enjoyable, and most importantly, successful one! From the preliminary consultation to the finished result it has been a pleasure to have been their patient. After damaging my teeth as a child due to bad dental advice, exactly the opposite of what I have experienced here and some overcrowding, I had never been able to really express myself when I was happy or found something funny in fear of showing my teeth - that now has all changed after having Emax veneers fitted by Dr Mohsen J. Esfahani. My hope when starting this process was to find a dental surgeon that would be capable of improving my smile, even if only by a small amount. What has been achieved by this talented dentist has greatly exceeded my expectations.
    Not only are my teeth now straight and white, they look so natural and fit in my mouth perfectly with not even the slightest hint of discomfort, pain or sensitivity, in fact within only a couple of days they felt like they were my own teeth - except the only difference being they look a million times better! Ive even since been told by people that I have just met things like oh, wow, you have nice teeth dont you or something similar nice things about my teeth that I truly felt I would never hear anyone say to me. I guess what was so surprising was the warm and honest approach to how Pearl and Mohsen go about their business.
    Not once did I feel pressured into making a decision before every eventuality was explained to me, it wasnt a case of just go for the most expensive option, well bung them on and then if you dont like them tough. I was given all the facts on what treatment would be best for me taking into account the condition and shape of my teeth and the decision was then left completely to me.
    The trial smile gave me a good idea of how they would look, and at every step of the process I was only charged for what I had agreed on that day, and was given the chance to either adjust or change my mind about the treatment at any time. The time and precision that Mohsen put into my teeth was again surprising, almost like an artist who would not be happy until their painting was to their perfection, he concentrated on every fine little detail to make sure they would look the very best they possibly could and I truly feel they do! I cant thank Mohsen and Pearl enough for changing my life and allowing me to smile with freedom for the first time since being a child, a time when I first realised I felt conscious about my teeth.
    Thanks to them this feeling is now in the past and I no longer have to close, or put my hand in front of my mouth when enjoying a moment with friends, family or in fact any social situation. I now look at people that I would have once envied and think I have nicer teeth than them and thats a great feeling! If you are thinking about improving your smile in any way, and have thought about paying Pearl a visit then I suggest that you do exactly that, I genuinely feel from the heart that I could have gone elsewhere and paid double the price and still would have not been as happy as I am now with my new and wonderful smile.

    A sincerely satisfied customer

    July 2010
  • Hi Vahid,

    Gemma Cooper

    Sorry I have taken ages to write this I have been busy showing off my gorgeous new teeth. Vahid thank you so much for my amazing new teeth and gum line I cant stop smiling, I used to always keep my mouth closed when people took pictures or I met them for the first time, now I have so much more confidence and don't give it a second thought.
    At every stage of my treatment I was made to feel welcome and at ease with Vahid explaining what would be happening. All the staff at Pearl are helpful and friendly, I will be recommending you to everyone and anyone.
    I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be someone who has nice teeth and not only that but people comment on them too, These exceeded my expectations and have truly changed my life. Once again thank you so much Vahid.

    P.s hope you are well.
    Kindest warmest regards

    March 2010
  • Dear Dr. Vahid Motahar,

    Nelson from London

    I don't have the words to express my gratitudes, a thank you woudn't be enough to translate my joy and happiness, because ever since i was little, i was always bullyed and insulted because of my teeth, i mean all teeth, i always considered my teeth problem the worst in the world, because though they are healthy, they WERE extremely YELLOW, i couldn't SMILE, people used to look at my teeth and wonder what is this? but now i'm smiling a lot and all the time, i also have to say that the outcome of this treatment is much HIGHER than what i was expecting, thank you so much and God bless you!

    July 2009