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Durathin Veneers

Durathin Veneers

Individuals worried about the appearance of their teeth can benefit from ultra-thin Durathin Veneers, which are available from Pearl Dental Clinic.

Previously, porcelain veneers have required the removal of a lot of tooth tissue to ensure the best cosmetic results are obtained. However, using Durathin Veneers, your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner is able to create a dazzling Hollywood smile without the need for this painful exercise.

What are the benefits of Durathin Veneers?

If no tooth shaving has been carried out, the teeth are left in their natural state before the Durathin veneers are attached. In such a situation, the process can be reversed for people looking to return to their natural appearance in future.

In addition, people who suffer from dental anxiety need not worry about any pain associated with the treatment, which can often be carried out without the use of anaesthetic or drilling.

Additionally, the thin layer of material used to create the veneers means they are more aesthetically pleasing and natural looking than a number of their traditional counterparts.

Do I qualify for the treatment?

The treatment is an ideal solution for anyone who has suffered from small sized teeth or gaps between their teeth. No-prep Durathin Veneers can be added to small sized teeth to close the gaps between those teeth.

Other people who could find a solution in Durathin Veneers are those who have a worn-down natural tooth structure, which could do with being built up again to their formal natural appearance with Durathin veneers.

Discoloured teeth could also benefit from having Durathin Veneers to improve their appearance. We would normally recommend teeth whitening for discoloured teeth but should this prove ineffective, then Durathin veneers could be carried out to permanently improve the colour of teeth.

Durathin Veneers are also suitable for members of the public with narrow smiles, or those who simply feel their smile could do with some work to appear more attractive.

What does the process entail?

The Durathin process is usually carried out over a series of three appointments with your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner in a bid to ensure the best results for each individual.

During the initial visit, it is up to the patient to express their desires about how their ideal smile would appear. We would normally recommend carrying out a trial smile to assess the changes that we plan to make with Durathin Veneers before making any changes. Following this, a high quantity of photographs and X-rays of the teeth and jawline are taken to allow the professional to assess how the goal can be achieved.

Your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner will carry out a series of checks to ensure your teeth and gums are in a healthy condition before the procedure can be carried out. Then tooth-coloured resin will be added to the natural teeth to give every individual the chance to see what their smile will look like after its transformation.

During the second appointment, moulds of the teeth will be taken in order to design the custom-made fixtures. This will be the ideal time for patients to discuss their ideal colour and design for their new Hollywood smile. If temporary veneers are necessary, they can be made in the same style as the trial smile, so that patients can see how their chosen veneer design will look in their own mouth.

The third visit to Pearl Dental Clinic will see the attachment of the newly created Durathin veneers, allowing people to walk out of the doors reaping the benefits of their improved pearly whites.

How are Durathin veneers different?

Along with the reasons mentioned earlier, Durathin veneers are made from a much thinner material that makes them more natural-looking and comfortable for the patient.

Previous forms of dental veneer often appear chalky and bulky. However, this innovative method is usually from 0.2mm to 0.4mm thick.

Instead of using popular pressed ceramics, this method of improvement is created by utilising a traditional porcelain build-up technique allowing undesirable colours to be blocked out but natural beauty to shine through.

Are there any alternatives to Durathin Veneers?

Your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioners can offer a wide variety of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the smile and significantly increase a person’s self confidence.

Similarly to Durathin Veneers, lumineers can be effective for people who may be worried about tooth tissue removal with traditional porcelain veneers. This process can be carried out in just two appointments for individuals with hectic lifestyles.

Emax porcelain veneers can provide a smile makeover for image-conscious members of the public, with the ceramic devices manufactured in a dental laboratory in the UK. This allows patients to go to the laboratory and meet the technician who will construct their veneers and communicate the changes that they wish to make to their smile, directly with the laboratory technician.

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