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Painless Dental Injections

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Painless Dental Injections Protocol

We know that many patients do not like dental injections due to previous experience of being given painful dental injections too quickly. Administering local anesthetic too quickly is very painful for patients. That is why we use Computer Controlled Local Anaesthetic Delivery (CCLAD) Systems to deliver our local anaesthetic painlessly for our patients. We use the latest LA delivery computer technology which is the Septodont Dentapen system which delivers local anaesthetic very gently and painlessly.



Local anaesthetic solutions are normally kept at room temperature (20 degrees celsius) which is usually much colder than body temperature (37 degrees celsius). As a result, when the local anaesthetic is administered, there is usually a stinging pain felt by patients due to the cold temperature of the solution relative to body temperature.

At Pearl dental clinic, we warm up our local anaesthetic solution to 37 degrees celsius body temperature using a special machine that maintains the local anaesthetic solution at the same temperature as body temperature. As a result our patients usually comment that they did not feel any pain when the body temperature local anaesthetic is administered using our computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system.

painless dental injection

Finally, to produce truly painless dental injections, we use topical local anesthetic gel to numb the soft tissue area up before we administer local anaesthetic to our patients.

numbing gel

If you like to have painless dental injections for your dental treatment, please let your pearl dental clinic dentist know at the time of your consultation. There is no additional charge for this service.


For patients who are exceptionally nervous and do not wish to be aware of their dental treatment being carried out, we offer sedation options such as IntraVenous Sedation and Inhalation Sedation as well as hypnosis.

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