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Fizzy vitamins ‘could harm dental health’

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Fizzy vitamins could be harmful to teeth.

A study carried out at the University of Helsinki has shown drinking fizzy vitamin supplements every day could be harmful to a person’s teeth. effect of fizzy drinks on teeth

The research showed that when teeth were soaked in these drinks for 100 hours, demineralisation occurred in all cases – even in the supplements that contained addition calcium.

“When you drink fizzy vitamins, you wouldn’t expose your teeth for anything near this length of time,” said Dr Mervyn Druian, spokesperson for the British Dental Association.

“However, if you drink one of these dissolved tablets each day, it is likely that they would weaken your teeth.”

Elsewhere, Business Week recently reported in its Executive Health section that many people suffer from a dry mouth but do not realise the harmful effects it can have on oral health.

The publication noted symptoms of the disorder can include a sore throat, a burning sensation, hoarse voice, nasal dryness and difficulty speaking and swallowing and the condition can lead to a build up of plaque, as saliva is needed to help rid the mouth of debris left behind while eating.

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