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Can Invisalign fix crossbite?

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The efficacy of Invisalign to fix crossbite is a common concern among patients. But first, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of crossbites.

A crossbite is a type of dental malocclusion, similar to other dental conditions such as underbite or overbite, that impacts the alignment of teeth. The primary indication of a crossbite is when the upper teeth sit behind the lower teeth when the mouth is closed or relaxed. This condition can impact both front and back teeth.


Can Invisalign fix crossbite?


What is the difference between a crossbite, overbite and underbite?

The main difference between a crossbite and an underbite or overbite lies in their impact on teeth alignment. Specifically, a crossbite affects only a specific set of teeth, whereas an underbite or overbite affects the alignment of all teeth.


Can Invisalign fix crossbite?
Can Invisalign fix crossbite?








How can Invisalign fix crossbite?

The feasibility of correcting a crossbite with Invisalign hinges on several factors. For instance, for mild crossbites cases, Invisalign can be effective. However, for more severe cases requiring expansion of 3-4mm, a two-stage treatment plan involving a fixed or removable expander followed by conventional braces may achieve better results.


Can Invisalign fix crossbite?


In these scenarios, starting with a fixed appliance like a Damon brace is common. Damon Braces use low-friction mechanics to create a faster way of achieving straight teeth. The Damon system may look like a traditional fixed brace, however, this is not the case. The Damon device uses a sliding mechanism. This allows the wires to move freely with the teeth. Damon braces efficiently widen the arch without the need for a separate expander in this case.


Can Invisalign fix crossbite?


At Pearl Dental Clinic, we provide a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care. Our experienced registered Specialist Orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination to assess your particular case. We will then create a personalised treatment plan to address your individual needs. You can spread the cost of your orthodontic treatment with our Invisalign 0% finance plans.

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