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Trial Smile
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Trial Smile

trial smileThe latest innovation in cosmetic dentistry is the Trial Smile, which we at Pearl dental clinic are proud to provide for our all veneer treatments including LumineersEmax Porcelain Veneers, and composite bonding treatments.

In the past, patients who wanted to have dental veneers were not aware of their smile design until the veneers were cemented permanently onto their teeth. At this point, only limited changes could be made to the veneers.

Thanks to the latest innovations, we can now provide a Trial Smile for patients. This allows the patient to see their smile design on stone models before the cosmetic dentistry treatment begins.

Furthermore, temporary trial veneers can also be made based on the trial smile design. With these, patients can see their final veneer design in their own mouth. This is much more realistic than seeing lifeless computer designs on a monitor. After seeing the trial smile, the patient can then change the design of the final veneers, such as the height, the shape, or the shade.


Once the patient is satisfied with the design, we then let the lab know of the patients decision. The veneers will then be custom made to fit each individual patient to an exact specification.

When the veneers arrive from the lab, we will try out the latest shades of trial cement. Changing the shade of the cement affects the final shade of the veneers. Patients have the option to change the cement shade before the veneers are attached.

Overall the Trial Smile really gives patients great control over the smile design of their veneers and composite bonding.


trial smile


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