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Smile Design
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Smile Design

Individuals looking for a complete smile makeover due to issues with tooth alignment or tooth wear or tooth discolouration could qualify to receive Smile Design treatment from Pearl Dental Clinic.

This process ensures that patients will receive a custom-made smile that is specifically designed to suit their needs with the best possible cosmetic results and is achieved through using technological advancements.

Communication is the key to providing the ideal solution for any patients looking for a smile makeover, therefore it is vital to ensure individuals seek a smile consultation appointment with their Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner prior to treatment.

During the initial visit, prospective patients will discuss the size, shape and position of their teeth, as well as have their facial features assessed by an experienced dentist to ensure they will look their best following the smile makeover procedure.

A number of people could wish to transform the appearance of their teeth after experiencing oral health problems, while a bright, white Hollywood smile could allow many individuals enjoy higher self-esteem as a result of the life-changing smile makeover treatment.

What does the Smile design process entail?

Using a trial smile, we are able to show a patient what their proposed smile makeover work will look like before they have started the treatment, to ensure they are happy with the results.

Proving invaluable to high numbers of previous patients, the trial smile gives members of the public the chance to make sure their smile will appear exactly how they want it to, which reduces the risk of surprise involved in cosmetic dentistry.

Your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner will take a number of factors into account when carrying out Smile Design, such as the shape of the jaw, position of the eyes and the width of the mouth.

In addition, tooth length, width, shape and relative proportions of each tooth plays a considerable role in the process of carrying out a smile makeover to improve the quality of life for patients.

Golden Proportions

To ensure this process is carried out ensuring optimum results, your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner may use a theory called Golden Proportions to measure the distance between certain features to ensure patients are left with their ideal smile.

The ancient principle is often used in art, mathematics and architecture to provide a guide for achieving an aesthetically pleasing proportion. During this method, a line is divided into two sections where one is the mean and the other part is the extreme.

The cosmetic dental laboratory may use the golden proportions principles to measure the distance between features, as well as the length and size of teeth, to formulate a plan of action to take during the process of a smile makeover.

  1. Horizontal alignment – this process ensures that the teeth are aligned to with the eye line.
  2. Symmetry – ideal patients will have symmetry through the centre line of their face, which is of great importance when producing an aesthetically pleasing smile. Due to the fact that many people do not have symmetrical faces, your Pearl Dental Clinic practitioner will make every effort to give the illusion of symmetry.
  3. Smile line – this area joins the top of the teeth and should mimic the curve of a patient’s lower lip, which can give a more youthful appearance.
  4. Gum line – an even gum line will follow the line of the upper lip, similarly to the smile line.
  5. Embrasures – these are the curved corners at the tips of the teeth, which give definition to each pearly white. A more youthful feature is to have open incisal embrasures, more senior patients may prefer to have more closed incisal embrasures.
  6. Golden tooth proportions – each tooth should be of a certain proportion to give the best length-to-width ratio.
  7. A normal width smile allows people to see the progression of the teeth from front to back. If the smile is considered narrow then the teeth towards the back of the mouth are not seen optimally on smiling.

What happens after the smile design procedure?

After making sure that patients are happy with their Smile Design plan, your Pearl Dental Clinic dentist and the cosmetic laboratory technician will endeavour to create the agreed smile using porcelain veneers.


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