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Lost fillings & crowns

Fillings and crowns can be lost or fracture at any time. In some cases, fillings and crowns can partially debond and remain in place but allow bacteria to penetrate underneath them and cause rapid decay and infection.

Although a missing filling or crown may not feel painful to begin with, it can start to hurt after a short period of time as food and other debris gather in the cavity. If this problem is left untreated, decay and infection may cause toothache. For this reason, patients who have lost fillings and crowns, should see an emergency dentist ASAP.


What course of action should be taken for lost fillings & crowns?

Individuals who feel their crown or filling has come loose should ensure that they do not swallow it. The debonded filling or crown should be placed in a clean tissue and taken to the emergency dentist. It may be possible for the emergency dentist to simply reattach it.

If a filling or crown has fallen out, one could use antiseptic mouthwash rinses as an effective way of making sure the region remains clean until treatment can begin.


What can we do for a lost filling or crown?

Replacing lost fillings and crowns is a relatively simple procedure for an emergency dentist to carry out. Initially we will take an x-ray to check the extent of the problem. We may then clean the cavity and restore the tooth with a new filling or crown.


At Pearl dental clinic, using CEREC technology we can now provide a veneer/inlay/onlay/crown restoration in a single 60-minute appointment. Using this advanced CAD/CAM system, we can design, manufacture and install a new veneer, inlay, onlay or crown in a single visit, which would previously take at least two weeks.


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