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Wisdom Tooth Pain

Emergency Dentistry

Wisdom Tooth Pain

wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom tooth pain and discomfort are extremely common among people whose wisdom teeth are beginning to erupt. However, the reasons for the pain can often be far from normal. In many cases, it could require immediate treatment by an emergency dentist.

Impacted wisdom teeth

When a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, patients can experience a lot of pain and discomfort in the surrounding area. This can also place their neighbouring teeth in jeopardy.

While many believe these teeth require extraction due to overcrowding, the underlying reason can be more serious. This issue can lead to the tooth erupting horizontally, angled inwards or outwards, backward, or forward. Due to the intricate location of these teeth, patients may find it extremely difficult to brush this area, thus making bacteria removal a near-impossible task.

When can a wisdom tooth become infected?

As the wisdom tooth struggles to emerge, pressure can be placed on the nearby teeth. Gum tissue and jaw bone can also begin to ache when this occurs. When food and other debris get trapped in and around the loosened gums, the chances of developing this common ailment become even greater. As the wisdom tooth begin to grow at different angles, they can erupt through the gum without emerging completely. This creates pockets where food can gather and cause infection. Once a wisdom tooth infection arises in it can spread if not treated promptly.

Treating a dental infection

Initially, the infection needs to be thoroughly cleaned away from the surrounding area of the tooth, under the gum, and from adjacent teeth.

Following this, the dentist will take steps to ensure the wisdom tooth pain does not reoccur. This often results in a wisdom tooth extraction.

emergency dentist

What does the wisdom tooth removal procedure entail?

The type of treatment needed to remove a wisdom tooth largely depends on where the wisdom teeth are located. During the consultation appointment, we will evaluate X-rays and discuss the treatment options with you.

cone beam ct scan

For the exact identification of the wisdom tooth relative to surrounding nerves, you may need a 3D CBCT Scan, which if required we can carry out for you on-site.

dental sedation

The procedure usually takes less than one hour (under full local anaesthetic). At Pearl Dental Clinic our experienced dentists provide same-day wisdom tooth extractions. This service is available 365 days a year from 9am-10pm. Furthermore, painless dental injections and dental sedation are available if needed.

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Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am-10pm. You can book a wisdom tooth consultation appointment by calling us on 0208 547 9997 or by emailing us or book an appointment online (available 24 hours/day)


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