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Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment


When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, patients can sometimes experience toothache or a swelling. Root canal treatment or tooth extraction is often required to stop the toothache and resolve the infection. At Pearl dental clinic, we have provided same day root canal treatments and tooth extractions since 2007. This private service is available both to patients registered with the practice and to new patients, seven days a week. You can book dental appointments online 24 hours a day and if necessary have root canal treatment or a tooth extraction carried out on the same day basis.

We have an in-house Specialist Endodontist (root canal treatment Specialist) who carries out all root canal treatments under microscope magnification using very specialized equipment and he has had extra four years of specialist training in root canal treatment.



When is Root Canal Treatment needed?

Root Canal Treatment is needed when the pulp of a tooth is:

  • Infected 
  • Inflamed

How do you know if you need Root Canal Treatment?

You may suffer from:

  • Pain: severe, sharp, dull or throbbing.
  • Swelling: associated with a tooth, with or without pus discharge.
  • A routine dental exam may reveal an asymptomatic but infected tooth.
  • Change in tooth colour with the tooth getting darker.
  • A large cavity in a tooth.

How is the procedure Performed?

The first stage is the Cleaning and disinfection stage:

Using special solutions and fine instruments the tooth and its pulp are cleared of decay, debris and infected tissues.

This step can be performed in one or two visits.

The second stage is the filling and Restoration stage:

Once the tooth is cleaned and disinfected and the patient is not experiencing any symptoms; the root canals are filled and the tooth is restored.

Is Root Canal treatment Painful?

The tooth is fully anaesthetised so no pain should be experienced. There maybe some pain afterwards that will require painkillers.

What happens afterwards?

Root filled molar teeth are six times more prone to fracture than non root filled molar teeth. Therefore a crown placement on root filled molar (back of the mouth) teeth is strongly recommended to protect them from fracture.

How successful is the treatment?

There is a high success rate (approx. 80%).

Can I leave the tooth as it is?

Yes but you are at risk of having pain, abscess, swelling and risk of spreading infection to the rest of the body.

Infected teeth do not respond to antibiotics alone. To get rid of the source of infection, root canal treatment or tooth extraction are necessary.

The alternatives?

The alternative treatment is tooth extraction. The options following an extraction to fill the gap are:

  • An implant
  • bridge
  • denture
  • Accept as a gap. However the neighbouring teeth may tilt or shift.



Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am-10pm so that you can have your dental treatment without having to take time off work. You can book a root canal treatment consultation by calling us on 0208 547 9997 or by emailing us or book an appointment online (available 24 hours/day)


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