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Gum Treatments

At Pearl Dental Clinic we offer a wide variety of cosmetic and corrective gum treatments to improve the health and appearance of gums and to combat gum disease.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a common gum surgery in which gum tissue and bone are removed from around a tooth. This procedure is performed to expose more of the tooth structure. Crown lengthening is commonly carried out when a tooth needs a crown and there is not enough tooth tissue left above the gum to support it.

Gum Disease

If gum disease is left untreated, members of the public could lose their teeth. Gum disease can cause degradation of the bone and soft tissue support around the teeth. Deep cleaning gum treatments are provided by our dentists and Periodontist (Specialist in gum treatment). Undergoing such treatments removes bacteria from the root surface and halts the progress of gum disease.

In addition, we can give advice about the issue of halitosis, which can cause high levels of embarrassment for sufferers. Establishing the cause and an appropriate dental cleaning regime is vital in such situations.

Laser Gum Reshaping

Prospective patients looking for an alternative procedure to improve the appearance of their gummy smile could benefit from laser gum reshaping.


During the procedure, the dentist will gently trim small amounts of excess gum tissue and reshape the gums painlessly with a soft tissue laser. All of which will be performed under a local anaesthetic. There will be minimal postoperative blood or swelling due to the nature of the laser treatment.

The soft tissue laser used to carry out this procedure allows patients to heal quickly with little discomfort caused, helping them enjoy a dazzling Hollywood smile in a short period of time

Receding Gums Treatment

For patients who suffer from receded gums, our periodontist provides a number of receding gums treatments that can manage tooth sensitivity and improve tooth and gum aesthetics.


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