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Dental Injuries in Children

Emergency Dentistry

Dental injuries in children

Dental injuries in children can be an extremely distressing experience both for parents and the child. Here we discuss the management of some common dental injuries in children.

dental injuries in children

What shall I do if my child loses a baby tooth?

If a milk tooth is lost prematurely, we advise against trying to re-implant the milk tooth as this can have a negative effect on the unerupted adult tooth below it.


What shall I do if my child loses an adult tooth?

In cases when children’s adult tooth is completely knocked out of the socket, parents should act very quickly. If the tooth can be reimplanted, it should be reimplanted and the patient should see the emergency dentist straight away. If tooth reimplantation is not possible, parents should ensure that they store the tooth in a glass of milk while making the journey to the dental clinic urgently. Getting treatment within an hour is extremely important as it will greatly increase the chances of tooth survival.


Management of Soft tissue Lacerations

Mouth soft tissue lacerations can be treated by an emergency dentist using sutures and complete soft tissue healing usually occurs within 6 weeks.


Chipped or fractured teeth

When a tooth is chipped or fractured children may experience toothache either immediately or sometime later. When a tooth fractures, the affected tooth can become extremely sensitive to hot and cold substances. In such situations, the child should see an emergency dentist ASAP.


Mouth guards to prevent dental injuries in children

Teenagers or young people taking part in any contact sport should ensure they wear a sports mouth-guard while on the field of play to prevent any tooth damage during sporting accidents.


Specialist Paediatric Dentistry

The clinic also has a registered Specialist Paediatric dentist who is able to treat more complex emergency dental issues. Dr. Malihe Moeinian accepts paediatric referrals from dentists at Pearl dental clinic and dentists working in other practices. Patients can directly book a consultation with Malihe by calling the practice or by booking an appointment online.book dental appointment

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