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At Pearl Dental Clinic we use the Epic X soft tissue dental Laser to provide laser dentistry for our patients. The EPIC X laser from Biolase (USA) is the most reliable, effective diode laser in modern Dentistry. The laser provides aerosol free dentistry.

Epic X is the most technologically advanced “every day” diode laser. It has the latest software technology and is safe and highly versatile. With quick surgical capabilities, numerous hygienic procedures, modes for pain relief and tooth whitening, the Laser is very popular amongst our clinicians and patients.


Fast Laser Surgeries

We use the Biolase Epic X laser to cut gum tissues painlessly and without any bleeding. Cutting gum tissue with the traditional scalpel causes a lot of bleeding which can complicate some dental procedures such as deep fillings and dental crowns. Carrying out surgical procedures such as frenectomies with the laser is bloodless and means that sutures will not be needed afterwards.


Gummy Smile Reduction

EPIC X helps patients smile more confidently with bloodless, aesthetic Gingivectomies. Using the laser, we treat gummy smiles by sculpting gum tissue into a much more aesthetically pleasing outline.


Creates Whiter Smiles
In-office teeth whitening remains in high demand. The Epic X laser provides dramatic teeth whitening results for our patients in as little as 20 minutes of chair time.


Provides Pain Relief & Eases Patient Anxiety
Epic X laser is suitable for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ dysfunction, ulcers, or other oral maxillofacial pain.


Herpetic Lesion Therapy

For patients with cold sores or canker sores (aphthous ulcer), EPIC X offers pain relief and promotes faster healing.


Laser-Assisted Hygiene

EPIC X works in the hygiene room helping us with periodontal and hygiene procedures. The laser reduces the number of bacteria within gum pockets making gum treatments even more effective for our patients.


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