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iTero elements 5D plus

At Pearl Dental Clinic, we use the iTero Element 5D plus digital intraoral scanner which helps us provide the best possible care for our patients.

The iTero Element 5D plus is a hybrid dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D images, provides us with intraoral colour and Near-Infrared Images of your teeth and allows us to carry out comparisons of your teeth over time using the iTero TimeLapse technology.


Digital Imaging rather than traditional impressions

Instead of taking traditional putty dental impressions for crowns/bridges/veneers/implants, we use our iTero scanners to take very accurate 3D digital impressions of your teeth. The system provides us with crisp intraoral scanning, treatment stimulation, with no harmful radiation to our patients.

Our intra-oral scanning allows accurate three dimensional capture of the shape of your teeth without the need for taking an impression. The scanner takes hundreds of small photographs inside your mouth and these are then stitched together using artificial intelligence to give an accurate three dimensional record of your mouth.

Traditional putty impressions may cause patient gagging and can be painful for some patients. In contrast taking a record of your teeth using a digital scanner is more comfortable. Should a putty impression be found to be suboptimal, the whole mouth impression needs to be redone. However with a digital scan, only the area that is suboptimal is rescanned and a new whole mouth scan is not required.


We scan internal tooth structure using iTero Near-infrared Imaging Technology to detect tooth decay

The iTero 5D plus intraoral scanner has Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) technology, which aids us in detection and monitoring of tooth decay without any harmful x-ray radiation to our patients.

An article from a 2021 clinical study validated the significant benefits of the iTero Element 5D imaging systems as an adjunct in detection and monitoring of interproximal tooth decay. It found that iTero 5D plus is comparable to x-rays in aiding the detection and diagnosis of interproximal tooth decay lesions above the gum without producing the harmful traditional x-ray radiation.

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The Scanner works efficiently and seamlessly with dental labs

The digital scanner sends information about your treatment directly to the lab within seconds. Traditional impressions take days to arrive at the lab by post. Your dental work is completed much quicker as it is sent to the lab electronically and there will be fewer lab works lost in the post! All digital images are saved securely in the cloud so there is no need for new impressions to be taken if replacement retainers/whitening trays/night-guards are required in future.


iTero helps to Motivate our patients

The scanners Invisalign Outcome Simulator and Invisalign Progress Assessment tools keep patients engaged about their Invisalign treatment. The Itero Timelapse technology allows patients to see how their Invisalign treatment is progressing and the changes that has occurred over time.

iTero Timelapse technology also allows current tooth scans to be compared with previous tooth scans in order to very accurate monitor the progress of tooth wear and gum recession.book dental appointment

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