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Soft Tissue Trauma

Emergency Dentistry

Soft tissue trauma

soft tissue trauma

Soft tissue trauma is a common problem that often accompanies injuries to the face or mouth and is treated routinely by our emergency dentists.

Soft tissue traumas can include puncture wounds and cuts on the tongue, lips, and cheeks. In many cases, when individuals fall over and hit their face they can bite their tongue at the same time.

Our emergency dentists are able to diagnose the problem and provide appropriate treatment. There may also have been damage to bone and teeth and these issues will need to be diagnosed and treated carefully as well as the soft tissue trauma.

Stemming blood flow during soft tissue trauma

When patients sustain an injury that results in soft tissue trauma, the main challenge is often stemming the bleeding. Initially, patients can rinse their mouth with warm water. This will remove any excess blood away from the wound. Following this, a sterile gauze or a clean tissue can be used to apply pressure to the area.

How we can help

Attending a prompt appointment with our emergency dentist is important after sustaining soft tissue traumas.

The emergency dentist may need to take x-rays to assess the damage as well as clean the wound and suture the tissues if required. Any other dental injuries will be assessed and treated as appropriate. In some cases, the patient will be asked to attend further appointment for review of healing.

emergency dentist

What else should I consider after suffering soft tissue trauma?

A concussion is one of the most common issues that can arise when a person damages their Oral soft tissues. This will need urgent hospital medical attention before seeing our emergency dentist.

If you have lost parts of your tooth and cant account for them and suspect that you may have inhaled them, then a chest X-ray may be necessary to rule out the presence of tooth tissue in your lungs.book dental appointment

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