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Prosthodontics is the art of designing and fitting beautiful, natural-looking tooth restorations to give people their smile back. This area of dentistry requires many years of training. This is to ensure that the finished results are aesthetically pleasing in appearance, proportion, and functionality.junaid malik

Our dentist with special interest in prosthodontics is the highly skilled Dr. Junaid Malik. Due to Junaid’s extensive education, he can offer an array of beautiful restorative dentistry options, with tailor-made treatment plans to suit the needs of each individual. Following his general dentistry qualifications, Junaid spent many more years perfecting his craft.

Prosthodontic treatments available at Pearl Dental Clinic

Dental Implants

Dental implants can not only replace missing teeth but can also restore self-confidence. More and more patients are opting for a dental implant rather than a denture or a dental bridge. This is due to the high aesthetics and functionality that dental implants provide. Once dental implants are fitted they can last a whole lifetime with the correct after care.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the mouth is a very specific and individualised process. This specialist service will likely combine a variety of dental techniques to suit the individual circumstances of the patient. This could include tooth restoration, bite alterations, cosmetic, and general dentistry.

Management of severe tooth wear

Tooth wear is not caused by decay or trauma, but by other factors such as tooth grinding/clenching or acid erosion. Management of tooth wear could mean restorative dentistry or the use of specially designed devices such as a tooth guard. Here at Pearl Dental Clinic, we will fully assess each individual to ensure that the correct treatment is administered.

Management of occlusal problems

Occlusal problems are issues with the alignment of the teeth and jaw. This can cause a number of complications for the patient, including problems with eating, biting, headaches, and also temporomandibular joint pain. Here at the clinic, we can manage this problem through the use of specialist prosthodontic and orthodontic techniques.

Replacement of missing teeth

When patients suffer tooth loss dental implants, bridges or dentures can replace missing teeth. We have a number of bridge and denture types available. A consultation will help assess which of these is most suitable. These options are less invasive than dental implants and are also ideal for patients who are not good candidates for the surgical treatment. Furthermore, with denture treatment patients can play a big part in creating the design and aesthetic that they want for their smile.

Minimally invasive techniques

A variety of direct or indirect restorations can offer an alternative to traditional dental crowns and provide protection and strength to a damaged tooth minimising the need for extensive drilling. Minimally invasive techniques can be employed using a variety of materials such as dental veneers, microabrasion, ICON dental treatment and composite bonding and can be very aesthetically pleasing by applying shaping and polishing techniques.

All treatment options are of course discussed with patients on an individual basis and written treatment plans and estimates are provided.

Dr. Junaid Malik accepts referrals from dentists working at Pearl Dental Clinic and also from dentists working in other practices for Prosthodontic procedures. Patients can book-in directly for a consultation with Junaid by calling the practice or by booking online.book dental appointment

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