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Jaw Injuries

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Jaw injuries

jaw injuries

Jaw injuries often occur as a direct result of dental trauma. Patients who suspect that they have a jaw injury should visit their local hospital A&E department for assessment ASAP.

If the jaw is broken, you may need an urgent hospital operation. This is usually carried out by a Maxillofacial Surgeon. Patients are advised not to touch the affected jaw themselves as it could create complications. If treatment is delayed the jaws may heal together in the incorrect position resulting in an incorrect bite which will then need a more complex operation to correct.

Symptoms of a broken jaw

Patients will find that they are unable to put their teeth together as before and speaking and eating becomes much more difficult. Additionally there maybe numbness of the gums, lips, tongue and chin. Occasionally there may be bleeding from the site of jaw fracture. Occasionally breathing can become more difficult and this can be very dangerous indeed.

What course of action should I take for a broken jaw?

In many cases of broken jaws, immediate hospital treatment is required. Swelling can be reduced by applying an ice pack to the affected area, while bleeding can be curbed with the use of a sterile gauze pack. Patients should make their way to their local hospital A&E department as soon as the jaw injury occurs.

How long is the recovery process after jaw injuries?

Occasionally jaw injuries require the jaws to be wired together. Individuals who have their jaws wired may find it takes around six to eight weeks for the area to become completely stabilised. It is important that good oral hygiene is maintained in that period.book dental appointment

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