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Tooth loss can be a very worrying time for most patients. However, due to the development of implantology, patients now have the option for a fully functioning set of permanent dental implants instead of dentures or dental bridges. Once a dental implant is fitted it is near impossible to tell the difference between that and any remaining teeth. Also, if a patient has complete tooth replacement they will look extremely natural. With this type of treatment, it is essential to consult a highly trained specialist to ensure great results and longevity.

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Dr. Junaid Malik has a multitude of specialist skills, including placement and restoration of dental implants. As well as his extensive qualifications Junaid spends much of his spare time undertaking research and training to ensure that his knowledge and practices are current and contemporary. A consultation with Dr. Malik will help you to explore the idea of dental implants and determine whether these are the right option for your needs.


Restoring a beautiful smile

Whether it is one or multiple implants or a full arch Dr. Malik can give you back your smile and your confidence. Implants can be used to replace and support individual crowns or bridges. Support from adjacent healthy teeth is not necessary. Implants can support bridges very well. Often it is not necessary to use an implant for every tooth when several teeth are missing.

Dental implants will blend in with your natural teeth as well as giving you complete functional use. The implant crowns will be specially selected to match the aesthetics of remaining teeth in size, shape, and shade. Every care will be taken to ensure that they integrate seamlessly.

Bone loss

For long-term success in implant placement, implants require sufficient thickness of bone around it. This is for stability of the implant, as well as the overlying gums. To assess the width and height of bone available, we may have to carry out a cone beam CT scan of the implant site pre-operatively, which if necessary we can carry out on-site.

dental cbct

Often, when a patient’s teeth are extracted or have been missing for some time they can suffer loss of bone volume (shrinkage). For a natural outcome, the implant has to go in the right place. In these situations, the bone thickness has to be increased so that there is less chance of gum recession, especially in the long-term. Often we can add a sort of biological filler at the same time as implant placement to increase the bone thickness, which is covered with a barrier membrane so that only bone grows into the material and not gum. There are many different types of fillers and membrane and we would discuss these with you. This is called “Simultaneous Augmentation” and is not a formal “bone graft”, but is much more simple.

Sometimes there may be insufficient bone for implant placement at all. In these cases a preliminary bone graft may have to be performed. In certain circumstances bone grafting can be avoided by use of pink gum coloured material on the bridge or denture to simulate the missing gum. All of the options and implications will be explained to you at the initial consultation.

Implant Success

There are very high success rates, with ongoing research reporting 95% survival for implants up to 20 years. However, it is vital that implants are maintained properly, often more meticulously than your own teeth, and we advise regular hygiene therapy to prevent gum disease from affecting the implant.

The long term success rates for the implant system we use are very impressive – but like all dental treatment, you have to look after it. Current studies show that implants are just as susceptible to gum disease as teeth, so ongoing hygiene visits are essential to keep your implants healthy.

IV sedation

Due to dental implants being a surgical procedure some patients may be concerned about undergoing the treatment. Therefore, we can provide IV sedation options to help patients feel calm and relaxed. General and deep IV sedation are available. We have fully qualified sedation dentists and a specialist anaesthetist at the clinic.

Dental finance options

We understand that dental implants can be a worthwhile but costly procedure. Therefore, we offer a range of dental finance plans to help our patients spread the cost in a manageable way. Taking out a plan over a period that suits you ensures that you get the treatment you need, interest-free.


Dr. Junaid Malik accepts specialist referrals from dentists working at Pearl Dental Clinic and also from dentists working in other practices for Dental Implant procedures. Patients can book-in directly for a consultation with Junaid by calling the practice or by booking online.book dental appointment

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