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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is the most comprehensive form of dental treatment currently available. Due to its complexity, it is usually carried out by our Specialist Prosthodontist.

full mouth rehabilitation

Considerations for full mouth rehabilitation

Anyone considering a full mouth reconstruction should first consult with our specialist prosthodontist. This is to see if the treatment is the best course of action.

In particular, the dentist will look at whether or not the teeth show any signs of decay or cavities.

Periodontal issues (gums problems) will also be taken into consideration. If a patient suffers from gum issues then other treatments, such as root planing and scaling and full mouth debridement may be needed first. Other courses of action could involve soft tissue grafting or bone grafting to build up the jaw bone and gums for dental implants.

When all the relevant information has been gathered, such as X-rays, photographs, study models, and impressions, we will draw up a written treatment plan. This will detail how we intend to correct your smile. If at any stage you feel that you do not understand the procedure, it is important to say. That way we can ensure that you are fully aware of the treatment. We will also provide you with a written consent form that will detail your treatment at length.

full mouth rehabilitation

Possible treatments available

Typically, the treatment can involve the application of white fillings, dental bridges, dental implants, crowns and veneers to multiple damaged teeth in the mouth. This type of treatment is widely considered to be preferable to offering patients removable dental restorations such as dentures.

Other treatments involve crown lengthening to expose a healthy and sound tooth structure, contouring of the gum tissue to bring more balance to a smile, and the fitting of invisible braces to ensure the teeth are in the best possible position for restructuring.

Full mouth reconstruction treatment is likely to be a lengthy project involving multiple phases and trips to the practice.

The benefits of full mouth rehabilitation

Once full mouth rehabilitation (see before & after photos) treatment is complete, patients will typically find the appearance of their teeth is far better. Furthermore, their functionality and overall comfort should also have greatly improved. In addition to this, the work could have a number of less obvious health benefits. For instance, the ability to chew more effectively means that food can be more easily digested. Full mouth rehabilitation can also have a significant effect on a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

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