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Endodontics by specialist Endodontist

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that involves management of the inner workings of the tooth namely the pulp. An Endodontist is a highly trained Specialist in Endodontics who can perform a number of procedures to save compromised teeth from extraction and prevent pain and abscess formation. These procedures include root canal treatment, restoration of a cracked tooth, Apicectomy and management of traumatized teeth and resorption.

Dr. Mohsen Esfahani is our registered Specialist Endodontist at Pearl Dental Clinic. Mohsen has extensive experience in the field of Endodontics and has completed four years of postgraduate specialist training in Endodontics at the Eastman Dental Hospital, University College London. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh and the British Dental Association.

Mohsen is registered with the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Endodontics.

The dental microscope

All specialist root canal treatments at Pearl Dental Clinic are carried out under dental microscope magnification. The microscope allows the Endodontist to locate and see very fine root canal anatomy which otherwise would have been missed. This improves the success rate of root canal treatment as missed root canals could result in re-infection of the tooth in future.

endodontist carrying out endodontics

Specialist Equipment 

Our Endodontist uses the most advanced Endodontic specialist equipment such as ultrasonic files for better root canal cleaning, Nickel Titanium rotary files for more efficient root canal shaping, apex locators for determining the end of root canals more accurately and the latest root canal obturation equipment for three dimensional filling of the root canal space. We also use digital x-rays to minimize radiation dose to patients during the treatment.

dental cbct by root canal specialist

We have the latest state of art 3D x-ray CBCT machine on-site which means that we know your tooth’s exact root canal anatomy 3 dimensionally before we start your treatment. The CBCT scan helps us to ensure that we do not miss any of your tooth’s root canals when we carry out your root canal treatment.


Specialist Endodontic treatments available at Pearl Dental Clinic

Re-doing root canal treatment

Patients may find that they need to see an Endodontist to have root canal procedure re-done following unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. In general, root canal treatment is very successful (around 80% success rate). However treatment may fail and if this happens patients are usually referred to an Endodontist for redoing the root canal treatment as infection is likely to be more severe and difficult to manage.

Internal Tooth Whitening Following root canal treatment

Following successful root canal treatment, the tooth may discolour and may need internal tooth whitening to whiten it back to its original shade. This is a procedure that is usually painlessly and successfully carried out over a few visits.


Apicectomy is a microsurgical procedure during which a Specialist Endodontist removes infection from the end of the root surgically and thus saves the tooth from extraction. Apicectomy is usually necessary on occasions when infection has advanced and spread to the jawbone and resulted in cyst formation.


Tooth root resorption occurs when the tooth structure dissolves away and it may ultimately lead to tooth loss. Resorption can be caused by dental trauma, tooth infection, tooth whitening, orthodontic treatment or unknown causes. Endodontists usually treat tooth resorption in cases where the disease has been diagnosed in time.


Dr Mohsen Esfahani accepts specialist referrals from dentists working at Pearl dental clinic and from dentists working in other practices for Endodontic procedures. Patients can also directly book an Endodontic consultation with Dr Mohsen by calling the practice or by booking online.

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Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book an Endodontist consultation appointment by calling us on 0208 547 9997 or emailing us or by booking an appointment online (24 hours).



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