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Dental Sports Injury

Emergency Dentistry

Dental sports injury

dental sports injury

When individuals lose or damage a tooth during a sporting event, it is important to act quickly and efficiently to increase the chances of making a full recovery.

The most common types of dental sporting injuries are:

  1. A fully knocked out tooth.
  2. A dislodged tooth that is hanging loosely or driven deeper into the gum and jaw.
  3. Severely chipped, broken or split teeth.
  4. Painful and deep cuts to the inside of the mouth, tongue, lips or damage to the jawbone.

Each of these types of injury does warrant immediate treatment by an emergency dentist urgently.


Action to take for a dental sports injury

The type of treatment that is required is usually determined when an examination has taken place. It is recommended that treatment is received within one hour. In particular, if a tooth has become dislodged or avulsed.

  • Cuts and scrapes to the mouth and face can produce a lot of bleeding.
  • If a heavy head injury has been sustained, individuals should seek medical advice to consider other more serious health issues such as concussion.
  • In cases where a tooth has become dislodged and moved out of place, it is often possible to save the tooth. Patients should not pull the tooth out. Instead, apply a cold compress to the face. This will reduce any pain or swelling while making their way to the dentist.
  • Individuals who have a tooth completely knocked out should try and locate their tooth before visiting the emergency dentist urgently to allow it to be fixed back into the socket.

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How can I prevent dental sports injury?

Wearing a mouth guard can ensure a player does not experience a serious injury while on the field of play. In order to provide the most protection, mouth guards should be comfortable to wear and at least 4mm thick. This can reduce impact and protect the teeth from high pressure that often occurs during sports matches.book dental appointment

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