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da Vinci Veneers

Here at Pearl Dental Clinic, we offer highly aesthetic da Vinci Veneers which are made in California, US. The da Vinci laboratory uses ultra-thin, high strength ceramic porcelain to produce porcelain veneers that gives patients a beautiful and natural looking smile.

da vinci veneers

What is the difference between da Vinci Veneers and other porcelain veneers?

The advantage of da Vinci is that they use exotic fluorescent porcelains that enhance the beauty, realism, and strength of their final look. They are highly resistant to permanent staining from coffee, tea, or even cigarette smoke. ABC’s Extreme Makeover show often use da Vinci Veneers to dramatically transform their client’s smile.


Uses for da Vinci Veneers?

Smile makeovers –   These veneers are great for those patients who are looking for a celebrity smile makeover.

Gaps between teeth – Veneers can be used to close small gaps between teeth very effectively and quickly.

Crowded teeth – In some cases, veneers can make mild-moderate crowded teeth appear straight. This is ideal for patients who do not wish to have lengthy orthodontic treatment.

Stained teeth – For those patients who suffer from deep tooth staining, da Vinci Veneers can provide a great smile transformation.

Broken down teeth– Teeth that have been broken down by trauma can be built up again to their original shape and colour.

Discoloured root filled tooth – When a tooth is root filled it will usually discolour over time. These veneers can be used to mask the discoloured tooth underneath.


What is the procedure for getting da Vinci Veneers?

  1. Case assessment and impressions for Trial Smile. It is very important that patients take an active role in their smile design to ensure they are happy with the finished results. We also provide all patients with a sheet outlining the different designs they can choose from.
  2. Three to four weeks later a Trial Smile review for patients will be carried out. This is to see a preview of the expected results. We will, at that point, also show the patient how their smile could look on models and if they wish, we can replicate the trial smile on the patient’s own teeth using temporary veneer material.
  3. Preparation of teeth, impressions, and provision of temporary veneers similar in shape to the final da Vinci Veneers.
  4. Three to four weeks later, the final da Vinci Veneers are fitted.


How long do da Vinci Veneers last?

With good maintenance, Veneers can last around 10 years. We guarantee all of our da Vinci Veneers for 12 months.


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