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Snow White and the Huntsman star discusses characters teeth

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Chris Hemsworth is experiencing the dizzying heights of fame after a starring role in last summer’s Thor and Aprils worldwide hit Avengers Assemble, and now he’s getting ready for his third blockbuster release at the end of this month, Snow White and the Huntsman. Chris has been discussing his character, Eric the Huntsman, at this week’s official London press conference, and he mentioned that the subject of rotten, black teeth was something that came up in the original meetings with the casting crew.

Hemsworth admitted that some of the initial ideas for the characters appearance would have made him ‘pretty unattractive’ to the audience and the other characters, having built on the idea that he was ‘for the most part a dirty messy drunk’. Although Chris was on board with the idea of having a mysterious back story for the Huntsman, the idea of rotten teeth was too much for him; ‘At one point there was talk of blackening his teeth’ said the 28-year-old, ‘I was like ‘Hang on, if there’s got to be any kind of romance in here, that’s pretty unattractive! So we kept the teeth clean.’

The Thor star went on to discuss the characters history, saying ‘he was a soldier previously and that was his back story. I thought ‘Maybe he’s travelled across this fictional world and trained with different people’. He added that there was a samurai influence incorporated; ‘Even the hair I wanted to pull back into a ponytail, for a samurai feel again.’

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