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Puppy has a 3D-printed tooth fitted

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 A puppy that became depressed after a damaged tooth made it painful for her to eat has been given a new lease on life after her broken front tooth was replaced with one that was built using a 3D printer. Hanna, a 15-month-old Labrador retriever broke her tooth chewing on a bone and the pain of the injury prevented her from eating, according to MailOnline.

Thanks to a team of Brazilian dentists, Hanna can now eat normally and is getting back to her old self after they built her a tooth using the newest forms of 3D printing technology. The team of dentists and scientists from the University of Santos created the tooth by making a mould of the dogs jaw and then producing a digital prosthetic.

3D design specialist, Cicero Moraes, said that the new tooth would be ‘tougher’ than the natural tooth and added that this was the smallest thing he had so far designed using this cutting edge technique. Dentist Roberto Fecchio said that Hanna recovered very quickly and before long she was back to her normal routine. However, he added that she should avoid putting too much pressure onto the new tooth because a root canal filling had to be carried out on what was left of the tooth, which can leave it vulnerable to damage.


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