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Patients prefer a human dentist over robots for complex treatments

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Patients prefer a human dentist over robots for complex treatmentsA survey has revealed that patients prefer a human dentist over robots for complex treatments. Even though robot dentistry would take away the human error side of things people have said they would still prefer the face to face contact with a human being. As well as their experience and skill.

The survey was performed online. During the survey 502 people of mixed genders took part. A significant amount of the people surveyed said they would not feel comfortable undergoing complex treatments from a robot. These included root canal treatments and gum surgery. However, they may be more willing to undergo procedures such as teeth whitening or cleaning from a robot.

Stephen Rice, associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University was involved in the study. He concluded, “consumers help drive what is acceptable with automation, and healthcare is no exception.” Therefore, patients can rest easy that their favourite family dentist is not going anywhere. Right now dental robots are unlikely to be in production for complex treatments any time soon.


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