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Taiwanese panda gets a brace

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Taiwanese panda gets a braceA Taiwanese panda gets a brace following an accident that left its canine tooth damaged. The panda, named Tuan Tuan, sustained the damage earlier on this month. Zookeepers at Taipei Zoo knew that it would need fixing before the damage became worse. Therefore, a team of medical and dental specialists at the zoo designed the orthodontic appliance to aid the recovery of the tooth following oral surgery. The brace was made from Titanium, the same material that a dental implant is made from. This was to ensure that it could withstand the panda’s rigorous chewing action when eating bamboo. Titanium is often used for high-grade medical supplies due to its durability. The material is also ideal because it is biocompatible and non-toxic.

The oral surgery and orthodontic treatment on the panda are the first of its kind and is said to have been successful. Not only will the brace facilitate food consumption but it will also help the area to heal. The end of the year has certainly marked significant advancements in animal dentistry.


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