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Robot plaque cleanersMicroscopic robot plaque cleaners are the latest innovation in current dentistry developments. A group of scientists from Washington has been working on the invention which has seen the development of two different types of robot. The first works on the surface of the teeth to remove bacteria and plaque build up. While the second is tasked with working well within confined space, presumably in between teeth and under the gum line. In addition to this, the treatment the robots can provide is gentle and kind to the teeth and gums.

The potential for this technology could also extend further than dentistry. Anywhere that bacteria and sticky films can form, the robot’s services could be enlisted. This might include keeping catheter pipes clean, maintaining the hygiene of medical equipment, or reducing the risk of spreading infections. The robots could also help to fend off tooth decay, dental implant infections, and general cross-contamination. Furthermore, they could be instrumental as an alternative to antibiotics. In an age of increased antibiotic resistance, this in itself could be their most valuable asset.
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