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Links between brushing and brain health

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Links between brushing and brain healthRecent studies have found links between brushing and brain health. Experts have discovered there is a clear association between the bacteria present in gum disease and the development of dementia. The study also suggested that the harmful bacteria could potentially cause increased production of beta-amyloid proteins. This toxic protein is a key characteristic in the development of Dementia.

Statistics suggest that a person suffering from gum disease is a staggering seventy percent more likely to develop dementia. Therefore, the importance of maintaining dental health becomes even more key to overall health.

Additionally, there are concerns that poor oral health could accelerate the disease in those that are already suffering from it. It stands to reason that remembering everyday dental care routines could become more difficult. Therefore, an emphasis on maintaining good tooth brushing and flossing routines could be a key factor in slowing down Dementia. Dr. Robert Moir, a neurobiologist at Harvard University is also confident that there is a link between the two, “I’m fully on board with the idea that this microbe could be a contributing factor.”


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