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Kendall Jenner’s anti-ageing secrets

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Kendall Jenner's anti-ageing secretsKendall Jenner’s anti-ageing secrets are a hot topic of conversation. As she is one of the most famous people in the world many want to emulate her look, whereas others just take a keen interest in all things ‘Jenner’. There has been much speculation on the changing face of the star, however, now Dr. Sarah Tonks thinks she knows how Kendall has achieved this.

Most will agree that the noticeable differences in Kendall’s appearance are her lips, cheeks, and her brows. The Lovely Clinic’s Dr. Sarah Tonks spoke to the Daily Star Online. “There’s definitely more fullness in the lip, 100%, she may have followed in Kylie’s footsteps.” Which infers she has had lip fillers. She also went on to discuss Kendall’s cheekbones. “I think she may have had some filler placed there. It would be hard to achieve with anything other than some type of surgical or cosmetic intervention.”

She also stated that the height of Kendall’s brows is markedly different, which would be hard to achieve with makeup alone. Therefore, a none surgical brow lift using anti-ageing injections is the most likely way of achieving this. Dr. Tonks also added that she thinks the celeb ‘looks amazing’, which echoes the sentiment of many of her 114 million social media followers.

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