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Dr Guy discusses Ant and Dec’s cosmetic dentistry

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Dr Guy discusses Ant and Dec's cosmetic dentistryDr Guy discusses Ant and Dec’s cosmetic dentistry this week, following the end of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity. The pair have been in the public eye for around twenty years, however, most people may not have noticed their teeth subtly changing.

Industry expert, Dr Guy, spoke to The Express Online. “Both Ant and Dec’s teeth have certainly changed over the years but the change has been subtle and gradual, so less noticeable than other more obvious celebs. They will have had a fair amount of dental work, the teeth have changed substantially enough that this can’t be just from orthodontics and whitening.”

Their Britain’s Got Talent co-star Simon Cowell is also a big fan of porcelain veneers. Of which he makes no secret. He is often snapped at a clinic or surgery having his teeth tweaked. It is believed that his teeth are at least eight times whiter than before. It is also rumoured that the TV mogul has spent around fifty thousand pounds on this type of dental procedure.


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