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Dental treatment gives Texas boy the gift of speech

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Dental treatment gives Texas boy the gift of speechDental treatment gives Texas boy the gift of speech in an amazing twist of fate. Six-year-old Mason Motz had never been able to speak more than a few mumbled words, which was always attributed to his Sotos Syndrome. This hereditary condition can cause issues with speech, as well as learning difficulties, and distinct physical features. However, it transpires his lack of speech was actually caused by something else.

When Mason visited a dentist for treatment on a decayed tooth a shocking discovery was made. The boy was actually tongue tied. The dental professional, Dr. Luedemann-Lazar, decided to perform a Frenectomy to laser away the restricting section of his tongue. When he came round from the procedure everyone was amazed to hear Mason speak full sentences. After years of speech therapy, this was the first time a professional had checked his tongue. Not only has the treatment helped Mason to speak again, but it has also solved a few other issues too. He can now enjoy different foods, he no longer experiences choking fits, and he is achieving more at school.


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