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Autism friendly dental appointmentsAutism friendly dental appointments are becoming more widely accessible due to a growing demand. Many autistic children and adults find dental visits particularly distressing, which can lead to complete avoidance. Autism can affect people in many different ways, however, common issues can include disliking loud noises and diverting from daily routines. With this in mind, some clinics are starting to provide autism friendly dental appointments. One clinic, in particular, located in Daventry, is rolling out plans to help autistic children learn how to care for their teeth in a quiet and tailor-made environment. The appointments will ensure there is plenty of time allocated and also that the clinic is quiet and calm.

The new manager of Daventry Dental Care, Claudette Gardner, spoke to the Daventry Express. “The reason I’m doing it is because I have an autistic child myself. I know how difficult things like teeth and hair brushing can be. I thought if I could share my knowledge then I would, and now I can.” The scheme serves to raise awareness and promote more widespread understanding of the issues facing autistic children, adults, and their parents.


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