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Food can be used to whiten tooth enamel

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It might sound like a strange way to whiten your teeth but one Harley Street dentist is suggesting that the food you eat could actually improve the appearance of your teeth; Dr Anthony Zybutz, of the TDC Implant Centre, said there are some food products that can actively whiten the enamel.

Dr Zybutz said that the public’s desire for beautiful white teeth is nothing new, with some whitening practices going back as far as ancient Egypt. He explains that ‘there were no whitening gels or bleaches during the time of the Egyptians’ so the people used to turn to diet in order to get rid of stains. Dr Zybutz said the pharaohs ‘combined ground pumice stone with vinegar to create a paste in an effort to restore the natural colour.’

Modern man might employ a whitening treatment before considering general diet, but Dr Zybutz added that there are certain foods that could scrub teeth clean and even rinse the enamel naturally while you are chewing. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, and celery, act like a toothbrush when they are being chewed and could scrub stains away, and even cheese can prevent plaque from building up on the teeth. Avoiding products that can stain the teeth should be obvious, as Dr Zybutz advises ‘if it would stain your shirt, it will do the same to your teeth.’ 

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