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Brits ‘grind teeth without knowing’

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People grind their teeth when they least expect it.

People could be grinding their teeth without even knowing it and this could be causing them to have a range of problems including headaches, toothache or a sore jaw. teeth grinding

My Local Health reported bruxism – as the problem is technically known – happens more often than people realise, with many grinding their teeth during their sleep.

Figures from Advanced Dental Care showed a quarter of all people suffer from this condition, with things like stress and anxiety or problems sleeping being major developmental factors.

“Beyond causing discomfort, grinding can eventually damage dental restorations and possibly loosen teeth. It can also cause damage to the temporomandibular joints,” the article noted.

The temporomandibular joints are the ones which connect a person’s jaw to their skull.

Elsewhere, individuals who suffer from sensitive teeth might be pleased to learn that Colgate has launched a new toothpaste designed to tackle this problem.

Its new Sensitive Pro-Relief product contains an active ingredient designed to fill the pores in teeth that lead to nerve-endings, thereby making them less painful.

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