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Professional whitening more effective than DIY kits

 An increased demand for whiter teeth has seen people trying many different methods to achieve the perfect smile. Shop shelves are awash with bleaching kits, whitening strips, toothpastes, and LED light kits, all promising to give you brilliantly white teeth. However, having your teeth whitened professionally, by your dentist or other qualified practitioners, ...


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Ancient skull found with be-jewelled teeth in Mexico

 A skull thought to be around 1600-years-old has been discovered in Mexico and rather than an ordinary set of white teeth scientists were surprised to discover that the skull had teeth decorated with jewels and even a prosthetic tooth made out of a green stone known as serpentine.Archaeologists have determined that the ...


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Photographers catch a flash of Shane Warne’s bright white teeth

Over the past few years, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne has given his image a complete overhaul and the press have been there to catch the changes on camera practically as they happened; his latest improvement seems to be the blindingly white teeth that the photographers captured on film as the sportsman arrived at a ...


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Shane MacGowan gets new teeth; including a gold incisor

He has been living with tooth loss for decades, but now the Pogues front man Shane MacGowan has finally had restorative dental work done to replace his lost teeth; the singer destroyed his front teeth with drugs and alcohol over the years and had to get dental implants to replace them.Shane, who celebrates ...


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Cheap tooth whitening could damage the teeth

According to a leading cosmetic dentist, cheap DIY whitening could be permanently damaging to teeth if the enamel is exposed too often; some products are so harsh that they strip away the enamel, leaving the teeth looking dull and brown.Ken Harris, a leading cosmetic dentist spoke to mailonline about the problems associated with ...


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Australia’s Biggest Loser host visits the dentist to complete her transformation

Former host of Biggest Loser Australia, Ajay Rochester, has been working hard to transform her own body after presenting the show about weight loss, and the 45-year-old has decided to complete her makeover with a trip to the dentist for teeth whitening.Ajay decided against healthy diet and exercise to lose weight and instead ...


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Labour councillor Karen Danczuk shows off results of tooth whitening

She’s probably better known for her love of racy selfies but Labour councillor Karen Danczuk is also a fan of Hollywood smiles and she has posted the results of her latest cosmetic dental treatment online. The 31-year-old, who is married to 48-year-old Labour MP Simon Danczuk, added a picture before and after her ...


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Kerry Katona takes her new husband for matching dental veneers

Newlyweds Kerry Katona and George Kay have just recently cemented their relationship with matching tattoos and now the pair have decided to get his and hers dental veneers. Kerry and her new husband headed to a London dental clinic to have the treatment done this week and they took it in turns to sit ...


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Food can be used to whiten tooth enamel

It might sound like a strange way to whiten your teeth but one Harley Street dentist is suggesting that the food you eat could actually improve the appearance of your teeth; Dr Anthony Zybutz, of the TDC Implant Centre, said there are some food products that can actively whiten the enamel.Dr Zybutz said ...


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Good teeth could help with social success

A top social scientist has claimed that our standing in society depends not on how intelligent or driven we are, but on the state of our teeth. Malcom Gladwell, author of David and Goliath, says that teeth are becoming the new benchmark for success, due to the fact that people with bad teeth ...


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