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Hearing aid ‘uses teeth’

A new gearing aid has been designed that uses the teeth to pass signals to the ear. A hearing aid has been developed that uses the teeth to send signals to the inner ear for processing. The SoundBite is a new form of hearing aid that is surgical implanted into a person's ear, Inhabitat ...


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Medical history on new tooth implant

A new chip could help solve the problem of not having dental records.A new device that can be implanted into a tooth could help to save time and hassle for dental professionals.The new I-Denti-Fied chip - designed by dentist Kevin Brunski - can be inserted into a tooth during a routine procedure ...


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Baby teeth ‘could boost dental implant effectiveness’

Older tooth loss sufferers could use baby teeth to boost bone strength.People who plan to have dental implants fitted might be eager to learn that using familial baby teeth that contain stem cells is one way to build up layers of bone in a patient whose jaw would not be strong enough otherwise....


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