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Expert claims braces could be harming children’s teeth

International expert, Professor Robin Seymour, has issued a warning that orthodontic treatment, in particular fixed braces, could be risky to children’s dental health. It is estimated that around two hundred thousand young people undergo teeth straightening in England and Wales every year. Professor Seymour expressed his concerns that braces with fixed brackets and ...


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Scientists discover link between osteoporosis and gum disease

According to new research carried out by Newcastle University, getting treatment for thinning bones could have a huge effect on dental health, even stopping teeth from falling out. Two large-scale studies have revealed that there is a link between osteoporosis and gum disease, with older women at risk of losing bone density and possibly ...


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Parents ‘should make oral hygiene fun and interactive’

Parents who want to prevent their children from requiring emergency dentistry should take action to ensure oral healthcare is fun, an expert has suggested.According to peridontologist Professor Robin Seymour, youngsters are more likely to adopt reliable cleaning routines if the process is interactive and appealing.His comments come after the British Dental Health ...


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Teeth whitening news: Diet ‘has an impact on oral health’

Dental patients who are contemplating London teeth whitening could be interested to hear that dietary habits can have an impact on oral health, according to an expert.Consumption of high levels of acid, which is found in energy drinks and wine, could cause erosion of the teeth's protective layer of enamel.Professor Robin ...


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Emergency dentistry news: Good oral health ‘can be achieved in the home’

Emergency dentistry patients could take more action to promote oral hygiene in their own home, an expert has suggested.Leading peridontologist and spokesperson for Dentyl Active Professor Robin Seymour has urged families to pay more attention to their daily oral health routines.With gum disease being found among some young teenagers, Professor Seymour has ...


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Cosmetic dentistry ‘will not hide poor oral hygiene’

People should not try to hide poor oral health with cosmetic dentistry, one expert has warned.Leading periodontologist and Dentyl Active spokesperson Professor Robin Seymour said that not following a proper emergency dentistry prevention regime is likely to lead to gum disease in the long term.This could then result in teeth becoming loose ...


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