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Research suggests that flossing could be pointless

After being told for decades that flossing is a vital part of any dental hygiene routine, it may surprise you to know that dental researchers are currently saying that the practice could actual be a complete waste of time. According to a study in America, there is not much evidence that flossing is helpful ...


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Fruit juice could be rotting your child’s teeth

Dentists are warning against giving too much fruit juice to children because it has caused decay in the teeth of more than 1,200 toddlers in the UK. Although parents might be assuming that they are giving their children a healthy snack, in fact the sugar in the juice could be eating away at the teeth ...


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Cooling face mask developed to help tackle dental pain

A new chilled face mask has been developed to help reduce toothache following a wisdom tooth extraction; the product, based on the same cooling technology designed to ease the pain of arthritis, has gone to clinical trials and patients will have to wear it for an hour after having a wisdom tooth removed.The ...


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World’s first 100% ultrasound toothbrush launched

Some ultrasound technology has been added to the design of electric toothbrushes in the past but now a 100% ultrasound product is about to be released; the toothbrush doesn’t even need to move to clean the teeth effectively. The new Emmi-dent brush costs £79.95; it gives off a staggering 86 million sound waves per minute and ...


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Patients need to be warned of dental implant risks, says King’s College study

According to new research undertaken by the King’s College London Dental Institute, many surgeries in the UK are failing to properly inform their patients of the risks associated with dental implants; more specifically the possibility of nerve damage. The results of the study suggest that because the number of implant procedures has risen ...


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Good oral care could save your life

According to a recent scientific study, failing to brush your teeth properly could have a serious impact on the health of your heart. Researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin have revealed that harmful bacteria found in the mouth can cause life-threatening blood clots, and could also trigger the rare condition infective ...


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New teeth gel ‘could prevent need for fillings’

A new gel being developed by researchers in France could help teeth to grow back and reduce the need for fillings.The discovery may aid those who provide emergency dentistry, with scientists claiming tooth tissue can be regenerated within four weeks.Containing a melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which has now been linked with bone growth, the ...


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Midnight snackers ‘risk losing teeth’

Snacking in the middle of the night could lead to an increased risk of serious tooth damage and even loss, experts have warned.A six year study by the University of Copenhagen found that of the participating 2,217 Danes, the 173 who were categorised as nocturnal eaters lost the most teeth, the BBC reports.Nocturnal eaters ...


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Growing gap between good and poor oral health

There is a growing gap between those with good and poor oral health in the UK, it has been revealed.Research carried out by the British Dental Association (BDA) has shown that in the poorest areas of Britain, 60 per cent of five-year-olds and 70 per cent of eight-year-olds have signs of decay in their baby ...


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0% Dental Finance Plans

0% Dental Finance Plans

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Free Cosmetic Consultation

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