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College student creates his own aligners

DIY dentistry might sound like a terrible idea, particularly in the case of orthodontic treatment, but one American college student has gone to great lengths to treat his misalignments without going to a dentist and spending a lot of money. Amos Dudley, of New Jersey, figured out a way to make his own clear ...


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‘Tooth fairy’ visits children at the dentist

YouTube channel Fousey Tube has surprised some children visiting the dentist in New Jersey with a visit from the tooth fairy. The video prank filmed youngsters sitting in the dentists chair who are surprised by the entrance of the 'tooth fairy' – a lady wearing a green dress and fairy wings, holding a wand.The ...


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Pop starlet gets wisdom teeth removed

American singer Ariana Grande has been recovering at home after undergoing dental surgery to remove her wisdom teeth yesterday. The 20-year-old tweeted her fans and followers to keep them up to date with her operation and the subsequent recovery.Initially, the singer posted about her dental problems and was suffering some these wisdom teeth ...


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New Jersey woman makes headlines with Botox use at just 24

Most people associate Botox with older people who want to clear up a few wrinkles that have appeared over time, but that doesn’t seem to concern 24-year-old American, Danielle Dansmuir, who has spoken to the Huffington Post about her penchant for facial injections at such a young age. As well as Botox in ...


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Brides competing with Botox dads

Traditionally it’s the bride who takes all the attention on the big day, but now the fathers are getting in on the action by undergoing Botox treatment in the run up to their daughters nuptials. According to New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr Steven L Davis, the number of fathers requesting cosmetic surgery prior ...


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New Jersey surgeon offering 3D dermal fillers

Plastic surgeon Dr Paul LoVerme has introduced a revolutionary new 3D treatment for people who want to halt the signs of aging using dermal fillers; the Vectra 3D system allows the patient to see a full picture of the outcome and to make adjustments to meet their pre-surgery goals. Dr LoVerme said that the ...


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Campaigners call for tighter regulations on Botox in US

People contemplating getting Botox treatment may be interested to hear that US campaigners have called for tighter restrictions regarding the procedure.Politicians in New Jersey are currently considering proposals to place a minimum legal age on the treatment, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.The new bill would forbid practitioners from providing the injections to people ...


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Journalist tries Zoom teeth whitening treatment – with sparkling results

A journalist has spoken about trying Zoom teeth whitening for the first time.Writing for the Irish Independent, Sinead Van Kampen said she had been encouraged to do so after seeing Hollywood stars flash their pearly white teeth on the red carpet at the Oscars and other award ceremonies.She said that she was ...


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Zoom teeth whitening ‘can give people their confidence back’

Opting for Zoom teeth whitening could give people their confidence back, even after many years of suffering with a discoloured smile.Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, said the process will deal with just about any kind of staining on the teeth and is popular with adults of all ages....


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Stress ‘could be behind tooth grinding’

A dentist has agreed that stress could be behind excessive tooth grinding and has suggested ways to prevent it that could avoid a need for emergency dentistry.Todd Higginbotham, who runs a dental practice in Arizona, told KAIT8 worries about the recession may be leading to more cases of bruxism.However, he said wearing ...


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