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Botox ‘should not be available through prize draws’

Health experts have spoken out against competitions that offer cosmetic procedures such as Botox as a prize.The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are unhappy that surgery is being advertised in this way, BBC News reports.Sally Taber of IHAS said prize draws and loyalty card ...


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Botox patient awarded compensation

A Botox patient has been awarded compensation after a jury heard the procedure had been wrongfully performed.Douglas Ray Jr was given the money after claiming he was injured following injections to relieve a hand tremor, Reuters reports.The 67-year-old was awarded $212 million (£126,997,974) after developing brain damage as a result of incorrect use ...


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Botox ‘should be performed in a clean environment’

People considering Botox treatment should ensure the environment is clean and safe, an expert has claimed.The increasing popularity of Botox parties means it is more difficult for qualified practitioners to monitor the safety of patients.Sally Taber from the Independent Healthcare Advisory service told the Sun that people considering the treatment should attend ...


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Increase in Botox parties ‘could lead to unqualified practitioners’

People hosting Botox parties with friends are more likely to be receiving treatment from an unqualified practitioner, an expert has claimed.Consumers could be put at risk when receiving at-home treatments due to unhygienic conditions and possible untrained specialists, claims the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service's Sally Taber.People considering undergoing Botox treatment should ...


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Botox customers urged to only go to accredited professionals

People considering having Botox should only go to accredited professionals for the treatment, one expert has urged.Independent ¬Healthcare Advisory Service director Sally Taber told the Mirror that unregulated "cowboys" are putting people's health at risk, in some cases causing lumps and serious skin infections by injecting the drug without ...


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0% Dental Finance Plans

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Free Cosmetic Consultation

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