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Teeth whitening patients ‘should seek treatment from professionals’

It is worthwhile seeking out the guidance of dental healthcare professionals when considering teeth whitening, as there are risks associated with making poor decisions.While many internet and pharmacy-bought kits may be much cheaper than going to a treatment centre, the end result is sufficiently different to warrant paying more.According to the Daily ...


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Expert offers top tips on avoiding emergency dentistry among children

A healthcare expert has offered parents some top tips on how to prevent their children from needing emergency dentistry.Writing in the Mirror in response to a recent NHS Dental Epidemiology Programme survey that showed a third of 12-year-olds have bad teeth, Miriam Stoppard said there is no excuse for it.She insisted that ...


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‘Save up for professional teeth whitening’ if you want to be safe

A writer has advised anyone wanting a brighter smile to save up for professional teeth whitening treatment in order to avoid damaging their teeth.Miriam Stoppard told the Mirror DIY kits could "permanently damage your teeth and even harm your long-term health".She pointed out that although kits used by professionals do ...


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0% Dental Finance Plans

0% Dental Finance Plans

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Free Cosmetic Consultation

Free Cosmetic Consultation

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