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Khloe Kardashian dances before going to the dentist

Being scared of the dentist is a fairly common problem among adults but it doesn’t appear to have affected reality star Khloe Kardashian as the 32-year-old posted a video of herself on Snapchat dancing cheerfully right before going to visit the dentist on Thursday.Khloe shared the videos of herself wearing a white ...


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Miley Cyrus posts picture of herself during and after wisdom tooth surgery

She’s known for sharing every detail of her life on various internet forums and for popstar Miley Cyrus her dental treatment is no different. The 22-year-old singer added a picture of herself undergoing what looked like a gruelling treatment to remove her four impacted wisdom teeth; she posted several photos on Instagram of ...


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Miley Cyrus teams up with joke company to launch brand of fake teeth

Singer and Instagram favourite Miley Cyrus is apparently broadening her business horizons as she has teamed up with a company that creates plastic joke props to launch her own brand of fake teeth. The 21-year-old modelled the bizarre new denture, created in collaboration with Billy-Bob Products; the new joke teeth have been dubbed Miley-Bob ...


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Does Miley’s tongue indicate health problems?

After her controversial VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has constantly been in the headlines with her antics and her favourite pose for the paparazzi is currently to stick her tongue out; however, this has led some experts and music industry colleagues to question whether the appearance of Miley’s tongue indicates some health problems. Singing ...


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Rihanna shows off gun grill on her teeth

She is rapidly becoming better known for her attention-seeking antics in the media rather than her music, but that hasn’t stopped pop singer Rihanna from getting herself in the paper for her latest addition to instagram. Not happy with her previous offensive uploads – which included a photo of her tattoo; a gun – the 25...


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Has Liz Hurley had help from Botox to prevent ageing?

A newspaper has speculated that Liz Hurley has received anti-ageing help in the form of Botox and cosmetic surgery.The 45-year-old was photographed over the weekend sporting a tight, grey-coloured bandage dress that had the Daily Mail wondering whether her figure and striking good looks were entirely natural.Indeed, it was suggested that Hurley ...


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Has Miley Cyrus had ‘break-up Botox’?

Speculation is rife that Miley Cyrus has had Botox treatment to cheer her up after her split with first serious boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.After a paparazzi photograph was published of the teenager on Tuesday (August 31st 2010) night, celebrity gossip websites began to suggest that her immaculate appearance was down to more than just good ...


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